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Baker Donelson

published March 12, 2012

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The firm’s roots can be traced to the 1888 when James F. Baker established a law firm in Huntsville, Tennessee. In 2003, after a number of mergers and name changes, the firm eventually took on its current name.

Today, Baker Donelson has US offices in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, and Washington, DC, as well as an office in London. In addition to its litigation and lobbying practices, Baker Donelson also has handles corporate law, labor and employment, health law, real estate, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and tax law matters.

Industries served by Baker Donelson include the following: automotive; construction; drug, device, and life sciences; financial services; gaming; governmental entities; health care; hospitality, franchising, and distribution; manufacturing and oil spill team; real estate; real estate investment trust; retail and consumer products; solar energy; and transportation.

The firm’s attorneys consist of professionals who have served in international, federal, state, and government positions. Many of them have also been active within civic, charitable, religious, academic, and professional organizations. In an effort to support the community and the causes that are important to its attorneys, Baker Donelson proudly supports a number of charities and condones pro bono work. In fact, each office has a pro bono coordinator and all pro bono projects are supervised by the Firm’s Pro Bono Stakeholder and Pro Bono Committee.

Baker Donelson has also developed BakerManage as a means of handling complex legal matters in an efficient manner. By dividing legal matters into three defined phases, the proactive project management process ensures that matters are taken care of in both a timely and cost-effective manner. The three phases include the development of a clearly defined game plan, the execution of the plan with a focus on open communication, and closure of the matter with an attorney-client debriefing session.

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