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Seyfarth Shaw Partner Named ''Employment Lawyer of the Year''

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Damon is one of the founding partners of Seyfarth Shaw's Boston office, which represents clients in real estate, corporate, litigation, employee benefits, and labor and employment law. She is the National Chair of the firm's 350 lawyer Labor & Employment Department, a member of the firm's Executive Committee, and also the head of the firm's Lean Six Sigma program. As a strong supporter of SeyfarthLean, the firm's client service model, she has successfully applied Lean methodologies to her employment practice.

Damon focuses on the litigation of discrimination and harassment claims and has worked with clients in matters concerning workforce reduction, sexual harassment, hiring and termination, employment policies, privacy issues, and the rights of disabled workers. She has also assisted in the development of diversity programs within companies, ultimately limiting class action liability.

She has been called upon to speak on a range of topics concerning diversity, employment law, employment litigation, and the lean six sigma program as applied to legal processes.

Prior to joining Seyfarth, more than 13 years ago, Lisa Damon spent 11 years at the firm Day, Berry & Howard LLP. She is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

She graduated from Fordham University School of Law and holds a Masters of Educational Administration from Fordham University. She completed her undergraduate studies at Beloit College.

“I'm deeply honored to have been singled out by Chambers as their selection of  Employment Lawyer of the Year – and to stand alongside a group of the most eminent women practicing labor and employment law in the U.S., as named by our own professional peers. Those of us who work in this space know that the issues and challenges our clients face in employment matters touch every facet of their business and have enormous consequences for all stakeholders – not only employees, but customers, investors, outside suppliers, the media. I absolutely love helping our clients work through their toughest workplace concerns and am so pleased to be able to share this recognition with them, as with my colleagues at Seyfarth,” said Damon.

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

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