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Hamline University School of Law Career Services Office

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The Director of Career Services, Nancy Lochner, not only manages the Career Services Office but also provides student and alumni counseling and organizes and presents career and professional development programs. Prior to joining the staff at Hamline University School of Law in 2000, Lochner practiced franchise litigation at a boutique firm in Minnesota. She remained with the firm in the role of contract attorney until 2004. She holds a JD from Hamline University School of Law and a Bachelor's Degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Hamline Law School's Assistant Director, Melissa Gregory, provides student and alumni mentoring, arranges career development programs and events, and manages office resources. When Gregory joined the law school as a career advisor, she brought law firm experience with her in the areas bankruptcy, estate, planning, and civil litigation. Before entering the legal field, Gregory served in the United States Marine Corps and the Minnesota Army National Guard. She graduated cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law and completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Augsburg College.

Stachia Ullmann, the program administrator for career services, works closely with both Lochner and Gregory to organize programs and events; manage the online career services management system; conduct outreach services to employers, students, faculty, and staff members; and coordinate office operations. Prior to joining the Career Services Office in 2005, Ullmann was a staff member in the Office of the Registrar. She holds a BA in Education from Hamline University and a MALS from Hamline University Graduate School of Liberal Studies.

Amanda Furst and Shauna M. Verheyen, career advisors within the CSO, work directly with Hamline law students and graduates to provide career guidance and mentoring services.

Furst, who joined Hamline School of Law's CSO in August 2011, earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Iowa. Following law school, she worked at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services as an Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow. In this role, she managed a Medical-Legal Partnership Project in conjunction with community health clinics, functioned as a staff attorney in the Employment & Public Benefits Unit, and oversaw volunteers. She also spent time at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services as a staff attorney in the Housing Law Unit.

Verheyan also joined the CSO in 2011. She completed her undergraduate degree in criminology at the University of Minnesota Duluth and graduated cum laude with honors from William Mitchell College of Law. After law school, she served as an alumni mentor for first-year law students and represented clients in products liability, personal injury, and wrongful death litigation.

Sara Schwebs, the staff attorney for the Minnesota Justice Foundation at Hamline University School of Law, works to provide students and alumni with volunteer opportunities that will allow for both skill development and real-world legal experience.

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