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Paralegal Jobs in Today’s Economy

published November 29, 2011

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In order to get ahead of the competition, paralegal training is crucial. While some employers are willing to train paralegals on the job, this is not always the case. Furthermore, an applicant with training or experience is sure to be looked upon more favorably that an applicant without any relevant experience.

The majority of professionals enter the field with an associate's degree in paralegal studies or a bachelor's degree in a different field and a certificate in paralegal studies. With more than 1,000 institutions offering paralegal training programs, it is best to attend one of the 260 American Bar Association- approved programs.

Despite the fact that most employers do not require the completion of an ABA-approved program, graduation from one of these programs can only serve to increase one's marketability. When considering a paralegal training program, it is also important to look into the associated internship opportunities and job placement services. If at all possible, talk to graduates about their experiences in the job market following graduation.

In addition to training and certification, paralegal job candidates should also develop their computer, legal writing, and research skills. Maintaining a portfolio of writing samples is one way to catch to the attention of an employer, particularly when one lacks work experience. Knowledge of databases, such as Access or Filemaker, also offers paralegal job candidates a significant advantage.

Today, more employers are using paralegals for tasks that attorneys previously performed, thereby increasing the value of the profession within businesses of all sizes. Currently, it is estimated that more than 70 percent of paralegals in the job force are employed by private law firms and that number is expected to increase during the next seven years. Likewise, it is anticipated that corporate legal departments and government offices will also be seeking paralegals as a more affordable means of providing certain legal services to clients. Paralegals are also expected to do well in the areas of intellectual property, healthcare, international law, elder issues, criminal law, and environmental law as the population grows.

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