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Momentum Legal

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With former practicing attorneys, CPAs, and marketing specialists under its employ, Momentum Legal understands both the needs of the attorney candidate and the needs of the hiring companies and firms. The firm has successfully completed searches for partners, associates, in-house counsel, and groups of attorneys within publicly traded and privately held corporations, as well as within law firms of every size.

Industries that commonly turn to Momentum for placement services include energy and utilities, chemicals, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, transportation, real estate, construction, pharmaceuticals, banking, retail, media, and insurance. The firm prides itself on the fact that 80 percent of its search assignments come from return clients.

Momentum Legal also offers turnkey staffing solutions for the legal industry, including temporary staffing services to handle document review projects and overflow work. The firm also recruits for other legal positions including chief legal officers, general counsel, chief compliance officers, corporate secretaries, regulatory or government affairs executives, human resources executives, and corporate governance officers.

Prior to being presented to the hiring party, candidates are pre-qualified for the position, based on legal experience, career goals, and work style. Candidates benefit from professional counsel, resume services, marketing and presentation advice, and interview preparation services. Furthermore, Momentum Legal maintains open communication with its candidates and provides feedback on interviews and job offers in a timely manner. The firm works with the client and candidate throughout the hiring process, including during the stages of negotiation.

Since 2007, Momentum has been a name that is recognized in the legal search arena, especially within its Texas home-base. The firm's principals, Jane Pollard and Courtney B. Sapire each contribute a decade of legal recruiting experience to the firm.

Pollard, the managing principal, earned her JD with honors from the University of Texas before serving as a litigation attorney at an international Texas-based law firm. She also holds an accounting degree from the University of Arkansas and has career experience as a CPA. She has successfully filled positions for international, regional, and local law firms and has assisted in the establishment of leading in-house legal departments in a range of industries.

Sapire is a leading in-house Texas recruiter who has also managed senior level searches in executive management, marketing, sales, engineering, technical operations, and other areas. Sapire also has ample experience in handling lateral partner and group acquisitions within the state of Texas. She earned her BBA in finance from the University of Texas at Austin, maintains a Senior Human Resources Professional Certification, and holds a JD from the Southern Methodist University School of Law. While in private practice, Sapire specialized in corporate and energy transactions. She has also served as the Director of Human Resources and Recruiting within the tech industry. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Legal Search Consultants.

Momentum Search Partners


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