International Law School Collaboration Sponsors New Law Program

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''American law students will spend three years at Washington University,'' where they will earn their J.D., then spend the fourth year at the University of Queensland, where they will earn a LL.M. Conversely, ''Australian students will spend three years at the University of Queensland,'' where they will earn bachelors of law, ''before completing an LL.M at Washington University.''

Washington University Law Dean Kent Syverud was quoted as saying in the July 18th law.com article, ''Washington in St. Louis Law teams up with Australian law school'' that ''Our alliance with the University of Queensland will help prepare students from both universities for successful careers in an ever globalized world. The TC Beirne School of Law is one of the elite law schools in Australia, with a global reputation for attracting the top students from Queensland and from across Australia.''

Syverud also said of the University of Queensland that its ''ambitious global vision of the law school and its faculty complements that of Washington University.''

While it's become more and more common for American law schools to team with schools outside of the United States for joint programs, lately, most of those collaborations have been with Asian based institutions.

Both faculty and students of the Washington University and the University of Queensland will have the opportunity for exchanges and research collaborations, along with the new degree program.

Washington University School of Law (WULS is currently ranked 18th overall among American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools by U.S. News & World Report, and its clinical training and trial advocacy programs have consistently been ranked in the top ten, according to the same source.

The TC Beirne School of Law was founded in 1936, and is a leading Australian law school. It is committed to both providing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate legal education.

The University of Queensland


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