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The Life and Career of Beverly Bracker, Director Career Services, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

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Overseeing a staff that juggles all aspects of the legal employment sector while also seeking to help law students become their best is an all day job, and it's likely it can be quite stressful for even the most strong-willed. Beverly Bracker meets that challenge each day in her role as Director of Career Services for Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Bracker graduated first from the University of Iowa with degrees in English and Psychology. She then set her sights on the law profession and was accepted to and graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law with her JD. While she likely saw herself practicing law for the rest of her career, there were other things in store for her. A very gifted writer, she was able to culminate her passions into a unique career opportunity. Before long, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law took notice and she found herself returning to college once more; though this time, not as a student, but rather, one whose role is to help up and coming lawyers, along with employers across the nation, find the best path for graduating law students.

Bracker continues to write and has authored many works in various professional publications, including a well-received article, ''Making a Great Mentor'', which was published in San Diego Lawyer Magazine; ''Preparing for Behavioral Interviewing Questions'', published in NLD for the Record; and ''Networking Now More than Ever'', published in San Diego Lawyer Magazine.

Bracker is also the current president for the San Diego Legal Recruitment Association, the 2011 Social Committee, the 2011 Programming Committee and in 2010, she served on the Summer Associate Event Committee, just to name a few. She was named the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Staff Member of the Year for 2009-2010, too.

With three very different, though necessary, divisions within the parameters of her department, Bracker has a strategic and organized approach to her work. With Alumni Services, Employer Services and Student Services, she and her staff can define the parameters for each area so that first everyone's needs are met, but also because anything less than a distinct division simply wouldn't serve its purpose. She and her staff work as a team to keep each division running smoothly and in tandem, but independent.

For more information on Career Director Bracker, visit the Thomas Jefferson School of Law website at

Thomas Jefferson School of Law


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