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Squire Sanders

published April 19, 2011

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The firm has been in existence for close to 120 years, during which time it has established offices in Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America. Additionally, Squire Sanders has developed relationships with multiple independent firms in locations such as Lebanon, Columbia, Romania, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Chile.

Squire Sanders practice areas include the following: antitrust and competition; corporate transactions, finance, and governance; environmental, safety, and health; government relations and public advocacy; intellectual property and technology; international dispute resolution; international trade and export controls; labor and employment; litigation; pensions; public and infrastructure finance; real estate; restructuring and insolvency; and taxation and benefits.

Industries that the firm commonly serves include aerospace and defense, communications, energy and utilities, financial services, health care, and life sciences, as well as many others. High profile clients have included LeBron James, 3M Company, Bayor Corporation, Bridgestone Corporation, DuPont, Olympus Corporation, and The Boeing Company.

Within the private sector, Squire Sanders offers clients legal counsel on a wide range of issues. In the public sector, the firm provides counsel to local and national governments as well as serving the particular needs of countries and cities.

As a means of recruiting potential employees, Squire Sanders offers summer programs in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Los Angeles, Miami, Palo Alto, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Summer associates are given the opportunity to work on various projects within the firm, thus enabling them to develop a realistic understanding of legal work. Participants are given assignments in a number of practice areas, giving them the chance to explore a variety of practice groups while also receiving training in transactional and advocacy matters. Certain summer associates are offered the opportunity to work in a foreign country and all are assigned a mentor to guide them through the program.

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