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Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

published March 08, 2011

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Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s practices are divided into the following nine departments: Corporate, Corporate Reorganization, Employee Benefits, Financial Services, Intellectual Property and Technology, Litigation, Personal Affairs, and Real Estate and Tax. The firm has over 30 specialized practices and serves a variety of clients including, domestic and foreign corporations, financial institutions, investment-banking firms, partnerships and individuals, publishers, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

In 1888 Charles Evans Hughes became a name partner within the firm of Chamberlain, Carter & Hornblower, which represents the beginnings of the firms as it known today. Hughes was elected as the governor of New York in 1906, and proceeded to serve two terms in office. President Taft then appointed Hughes to the Supreme Court of the United States but Hughes left the Supreme Court to run for U.S. presidency in 1916, but was unsuccessful. In 1917, Allan Hubbard joined the firm, where he served as the managing partner from 1950 until 1959. In 1937, the firm dissolved and re-formed under Charles Evans Hughes Jr., the son of the original founder. In 1969, Amalya L. Kearse was named as a partner with the firm, becoming the first African American to be elected to a partnership within a major Wall Street firm. The firm broke through barriers again in 1999 when it named Candace Beinecke as its Chair. She was the first female to serve in that position within a major New York law firm. In 2009 and 2010, the firm was ranked as the number one firm in New York and the number two firm nationally, on The American Lawyers A- List. For the past five years, Hughes Hubbard & Reed has also been included on the magazine’s list of ''the top firms among the nation’s legal elite.'' The firm’s arbitration practice was acknowledged by International Commercial Litigation magazine for the volume and scope of cases that it has taken on. Chambers Global also recognized the firm’s work in international arbitration and an International Law Review survey named several Hughes Hubbard & Reed partners as ''stars'' in international litigation.

Throughout its history, the firm has taken on numerous high profile cases, including the Ford Motor Company’s first issue of stock, which, at the time, was the largest equity offering in history. The firm also worked with Fox Film Corporation concerning the corporate reorganization that took place during the Great Depression. In the 1970’s Hughes Hubbard was involved in the representation of Bristol-Meyers in the major antitrust case involving the drug ampicillin. The firm also represented the Ford Motor Company in the highly publicized Pinto fuel tank cases. In 2000, the firm represented the Boy Scouts of America in First Amendment litigation. More recently, it took on the role of counsel to the FDIC in lawsuits connected to the confiscation of banks such as Indy Mac and Washington Mutual.

Hughes Hubbard & Reed is devoted to the professional development of its attorneys and offers training programs, hands-on learning opportunities, progress evaluations, and guidance from partners and associate advisors for new associates. The firm encourages a work-home life balance through many programs including health club membership reimbursements, company sponsored sports teams, an employee life assistance program, personal leave options, domestic partner benefits, and alternative work arrangements. For new mothers, the firm offers three months of paid maternity leave, including two weeks of paid parental leave, which is also available to new fathers. Employees at the New York office have additional benefits including yoga classes and emergency child care.