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Assistant Professor of Law Hosea H. Harvey

published March 02, 2011

Donna McGill
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<<Even Hosea H. Harvey's college profile asks a question, ''What is the appropriate role of the law in minimizing the effects of race and gender disparities in business and consumer markets?'' But when you come across one who is compassionate, focused and determined to leave the world a better place, you're bound to discover the fascination and determination that drive him.

Professor Harvey has gained a broad range of experience in many areas of the law. A young man, it doesn't take long to realize he wasted no time in moving his career forward. Before adding professor to his title, he served as General Counsel for New York Needs You. This non profit focuses on the truly important resources in our country: our young people. Specifically, the goal was to mentor and encourage low income and first generation college students. For more than two years, Professor Harvey also served as Associate General Counsel for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and before this he spent several years with a New York area law firm where he focused his energy on government, regulations, mergers, acquisitions and securities.

He received his BA from Dartmouth College, a Masters in Political Science from Stanford University, in which he promptly followed this up with his Ph.D. Once he accomplished these goals, Professor Harvey then chose the law. He graduated with his J.D. from Stanford University Law School. While in law school, he had the opportunity to clerk for then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. Its little wonder his expectations for law students are so high.

His teaching methods are challenging and it's for this reason that law students take so much away from his efforts. He challenges those students to question everything, to assume nothing and then to question the answers. It's all about seeing things through, believing in the unbelievable and ultimately, believing in oneself.

More recently, Professor Harvey was invited to become a guest blogger for Concurring Opinions, a legal website. Dave Hoffman, an editor with Concurring Opinions, says he and his staff welcome Professor Harvey and look forward to the contributions he'll make.

For more information on Hosea Harvey or to learn more about Temple University Beasley School of Law, visit the college site at To follow the professor's contributions on Concurring Opinions, you can do so at

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