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The University of Wyoming College of Law

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What makes the University of Wyoming College of Law so different than others in this country? There are many reasons and few law students who aren't ready to tell you all about those reasons. With an 11 to 1 student to faculty ratio, each law student has easy access to those who are guiding them through the intricacies of the law. It might be one of the smallest law schools in the nation, but it's the only one in Wyoming - and that's just the way they like it, too.

Its alumni are found across the legal spectrum and include former U.S. Ambassadors, governors and federal judges. Founded in 1920, the law school at one time was located on a single floor of the college's library building. Three decades later, it had grown to the point of needing its own building and since then, that building has seen many renovations to accommodate the ever-growing needs. Today, the law building is home to a moot courtroom, seminar rooms, student lounge areas, the law library and other offices. The George William Hopper Law Library is named after a former honors graduate from the school who was also an Episcopal parish priest, a very well respected attorney and former law school professor.

The public law school offers a single full time program, with a fall semester, and tuition of less than $10,000 for in-state students. Those attending from other states have tuition rates of just over $21,000. Many credit the school's newest dean, Stephen D. Easton, appointed in mid 2009, for its new energy. Dean Easton arrived after serving in the capacity of University of Missouri's law professor. This powerful attorney and educator wasted no time in tapping into the energy of the area as a whole and the people who drive that energy as he carved his own unique energy into the heart of the school.

Each first year class hosts approximately 75 students. Again, this lends to a more intimate and conducive learning environment. It provides a sense of one-on-one attention and students become far better for the experience. Students are also encouraged to participate in various organizations, including the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, which exists to provide resources for those in the community. Art museums, the America Heritage Center and the Office of Research and Economic Development all exist to broaden the horizons of the community as a whole and the law students who are there to gain one of the finest educations in the nation.

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