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Dr. Gayl Westerman - Professor of Law and Director of International Programs at Pace School of Law

published January 27, 2011

Donna McGill
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Dr. Westerman has been part of the Pace Law School family for nearly three decades. Her contributions are many and have played perhaps the single biggest role in shaping the school as it is today. She developed the Pace London Law Program at the University of London, the Pace Summer International Internships Abroad Program, the Pace LL.M. Program in Comparative Legal Studies for International Attorneys and the Pace International Criminal Court. She brilliantly juggles her time between her students and her passions for writing and teaching law at Pace School of Law.

Before arriving at Pace Law, however, Dr. Westerman has an impressive educational background. She graduated Stanford cum laude and with Departmental Honors in 1961. She was a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist as well as the recipient of the History Honors Tutorial Program. After completing her B.A., she then attended the University of Pennsylvania, where, she earned her Masters degree and was elected to Pi Lambda Theta and consistently carried at GPA of 3.83. By the time 1980 rolled around, Westerman then earned a certification from Emmanuel College, Cambridge University in England. Her summer term included a course on International Law and Law of the European Committees. The legal sector was calling and she returned to the states where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a Ranking Scholar. She was a Law Review Invitee and was the first person accepted as a Pace Judicial Clerk Intern in 1980. Always with a sense of creativity and a flair for flawless writing, Westerman then moved forward and received her LL.M and J.S.D. from Yale Law School.

Dr. Westerman has testified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives and served on a subcommittee on Oceanography for H.R. 5609, also known as The Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone Extension Act of 1988. She has authored several works, including three books. Those books are The Juridical Bay, Straight Baselines in International Maritime Boundary Delimitation and International Law in Contemporary Perspective. A few of her many published articles include ''When Good Courts Go Wrong: A Critique of the Supreme Court's Domestic Maritime Boundary Jurisprudence'', ''The Promise of State Constitutionalism'' and Straight Baselines in International Law: A Call for Reconsideration.

Clearly, Dr. Westerman has proven that one can indeed have it all while also making a contribution to the profession she remains so passionate about. She is well liked, admired and committed. More information on Dr. Westerman can be found at

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