Richard Gershon - The University of Mississippi School of Law's Newest Dean

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The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) School of Law was quite pleased when it learned it had convinced Richard Gershon to come on board. Dean Gershon is one of the south's own, after all. With degrees from the University of Georgia (B.A. in 1979), the University of Tennessee (JD in 1982) and the University of Florida (LLM Taxation in 1983), he knows that heavy humidity in the air is nothing to be concerned about, but rather, is just a way of life in the south, complete with the salt air coming in off the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the hospitality Mississippi is so well known for.

Prior to arriving at Ole Miss, Gershon served as the founding dean of Charleston's School of Law, where he helped the law school attain accreditation with the American Bar Association. He was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Laws soon after. July 1, 2010 brought big changes for Dean Gershon. His appointment at Ole Miss officially began. In a statement he released, he said he was both excited and humbled. ''I applied because the law school and the university both have great reputations. I was honored to have been selected''.

His goal is to ensure every law student is prepared to enter the legal profession and he also knows preparation means education. He is dedicated to maintaining the southern law school's traditions and to keep pace with both the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of today's contemporary lawyer. He takes pride in his responsibility and says he wishes nothing more than for the school to continue in its accomplishments and efforts to graduate the brightest and most promising law students.

Dean Gershon is also an accomplished author. He's written or co-written five books to date, including International Tax Guide: United States Income Taxation and Wills, Trusts and Estates: An Interactive Course. Further, he's also published several journal articles. When he's not busy at the law school, he contributes to his community. He provides time and resources to the Boys & Girls Clubs, the Jewish Federation of Charleston and can be found as a guest speaker throughout the southeast.

He has two daughters, Claire who is 11 and Eve who is 9.

For more information on Dean Gershon or the University of Mississippi School of Law, visit the site at Law.OleMiss.edu.

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