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David Diamond, Center for Career Strategy Director

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Those who possess both a business and legal background in today's society have a rare combination that serves them well across many specialties. They require a different approach, tools and strategies as they move forward in their careers. This is where David Diamond's experience at the school's Center for Career Strategy plays a role. With his background in career services, specifically as it relates to the legal profession, he offers the student body one on one counseling, access to various mock interviews, coaching sessions, networking opportunities and recruitment programs. Further, the center also makes available everything from psychological testing, via the Myers-Briggs self assessments to etiquette dinners - all this in an effort to ensure that the Northwestern University School of Law students have the edge in a very competitive field.

Before arriving at Northwestern Law, Diamond served as the director of career services at The John Marshall Law School and as a graduate advisor in the Office of Professional Development at Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law. Prior to finding his way back to the collegiate sector, Diamond worked as an attorney at SFN&R. He attended Ohio State University, University of Iowa and received his JD at the University of Michigan Law School.

Currently, Diamond and his team are preparing for the annual Spring On Campus Interviewing, or as it's known around the law school, OCI. It's slated for the last week in January and the first week in February 2011. To participate, law students will submit those dates and times best suited for their schedules, upload their resumes and submit the proper paperwork. From there, students and potential employers are introduced accordingly and bidding begins January 7 and runs through January 11. It's an interesting and effective method of attracting potential employers while making opportunities available for any who wish to participate. The process occurs again in the fall. Other efforts within the center include off campus recruitment efforts, group mock interviews and others.

Diamond has clearly found his calling. He is well liked among the student body and is well respected within the department and the school as a whole. For now, it appears he will continue to bring his best to Northwestern Law, as there are no immediate plans to choose a different career option. He stays current on everything from economic indicators to the trends within the legal field - and he pulls it off, along with the countless other responsibilities he juggles with style and grace. There is no doubt that he is a powerful advocate for the collective university.

For more information on David Diamond and his contributions to the Northwestern University School of Law community, visit the Center's web page at

University of Michigan Law School


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