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Brooklyn Law School Career Dean Camille Chin-Kee-Fatt

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Chin-Kee-Fatt has an impressive background, even before arriving at Brooklyn Law School. Between 1999 and 2000, she was the Director for Legal Recruitment for the New York City Law Department and in 2003 she accepted a position as the Director of Legal Recruitment for the New York State Attorney's General Office, where she worked for three years. Making the decision in 2008 to accept a position at Brooklyn Law School as the Director of Career Services and eventually, the Deputy Director of the Career Center, Chin-Kee-Fatt has become the go-to person for law students who need career advice both before and following graduation. Her experience and achieving her own legal degree puts her in a unique position to help those students with job inquiries, internships, clerkships, resume help and any other career advice they may seek.

In 2009, Chin-Kee-Fatt partnered with several of her contemporaries to create a Basic Training for Lawyers Boot Camp. The goal was to provide graduating law students with the tools needed to get through the difficult times a down economy presents. The two day boot camp included workshops such as ''The Anatomy of Litigations and Transactions'', ''Understanding a Law Firm as a Business'', ''How to Stand Out and Hit the Ground Running'', along with several other presentations and a networking reception at the end of the two day course. The coordinated effort between several law schools and law firms around the state proved successful and students left with far more than just the experience. The skills gained and ''lessons learned'' provided real life experience that isn't possible in a classroom.

Chin-Kee-Fatt's background also includes hosting various recruitment fairs while she also works with a non profit group in East Harlem, which is an international law firm designed to help both international students visiting the U.S. and American law students who are seeking opportunities outside the States. She served time as the executive director of the Practicing Attorney for Law Students Program (PALS), which mentors law students of color who attend New York law schools.

What began as an associate's position at Sheaman & Sterling, LLP after graduation from Howard University School of Law, quickly grew into a role she's defined as she's grown into it. Her vast experience includes nominations from the governor for various judicial positions as well as her experience with the Association of the Bar of the City of New York's Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers, have served her well as she continues to help law students as they begin their own legal journeys.

Brooklyn Law School


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