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Fordham Law School

published October 05, 2010

Donna McGill
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New York is My Campus, Fordham is My School - Fordham University School of Law motto

Fordham University School of Law, located in Manhattan, was established in 1905. It offers, along with a Master of Law degree, banking, corporate and finance law, business and trade law, intellectual property, information technology and justice. Its impressive presence in the heart of New York is both overwhelming and breathtaking. It is, and has been for many years, the highest ranked law school in the state. Other impressive statistics include the campus's Fordham Law Review being the tenth most cited American law journal, the Fordham Urban Law Journal being the 44th most cited and the campus's Public Interest Resource Center is a model for other law schools to adopt as it introduces future lawyers to both community service and pro bono work.

Its difference is that it provides a legal education that is far more complete than any other law school in the country. With an emphasis on balance, hands on learning, and opportunities that are both challenging and innovating, graduates are prepared the moment they complete their educations to enter into the working sector and be eager to thrive. Its emphasis on ethics, community and the spirit of service allows students to focus on their studies while also knowing that there's truth to ''good works''. It encourages students to understand the legal impacts on a contemporary society and how the ethical behavior - or lack thereof - can affect a nation for eternity. It's this unique perspective and ability to see ''the big picture'' that students thrive on. The challenge of stepping outside one's box is always met with a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Perhaps the biggest draw to this remarkable campus is its Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment angles. The journal by the same name is distributed by the college's student body, is ranked third in the nation and is second only to Berkeley and Harvard law schools. Its Dispute Resolution program is currently ranked number 8 in the nation and its Clinical Legal Education and Intellectual Property programs are ranked 13th and 18th respectively.

For those considering applying to Fordham University School of Law, an application package is available for download on the facility's site. There is a non-refundable $70 application fee and prospective students may apply to any of the various programs. There are evening courses, law clinics and the opportunity to work abroad. The career counselors stand ready to provide any assistance for those students wishing to broaden their horizons. For those seeking financial aid, the campus offers a Law School Financial Aid Office. The department in its entirety consists of several staff members and directors whose only priority is ensuring every student accepted into the school is allowed to focus on their studies and less on the financial aspects. It's a formula that's worked - and will continue to do so. For more information on Fordham University School of Law, visit its site at

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