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Types of Available Legal Jobs

published June 30, 2010

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Probably the most well know legal careers, other than being a lawyer, are assistants, paralegals, legal secretaries, mailroom clerks, and law clerks. All of these careers are a great place to start because there has been lots of growth over the last ten years. In addition, the pay rates for these individuals is growing considerable, due to the high demand, so these law jobs can make for a great career. These individuals are counted upon to research legal issues, communicate with clients, and prepare a number of legal documents, so a great deal of training is required for many of these legal jobs.

Another of the great law careers is as a legal document prepared, as this is becoming a highly specialized field that has allowed many individuals to flourish. While this is a job that is normally done by paralegals, it is possible for others to do this, as long as they have been licensed. This type of legal work can even be done on a freelance basis, as many law firms will outsource their legal documents to licensed individuals, who will then complete all of the research and return the documents within a certain time frame. This is excellent work for anyone who is looking for legal careers, as it appears to be a rapidly expanding career choice.

As with other offices, legal offices need managers to oversee that everything runs smoothly. This is because there will be many different branches of a large law office and clients, human resources, accounting, attorneys, and the courts must all be in constant contact with one another. These law jobs can be very lucrative, as managers in large firms can make more than some attorneys. While there is a great deal of work involved with this these legal jobs, it is well worth it for many individuals because of the amount of money that is involved.

Court administrators usually work outside of an actual law office, as they are in charge of court files and court reporting. They can also be a judge's assistant, which are highly sought after law careers. These individuals will spend most of their time at the courthouse and will have to learn all about court procedures and operations. This is another form of legal work that will leave interested parties very busy, while also providing a unique and ever changing work environment.

Legal couriers are in charge of delivering legal papers and documents between various law firms, clients, and the courts. This is a very important job to be involved with, as these papers must end up in their desired location on time. While many law firms are now using electronic couriers, there is still a high demand for legal couriers because, in many cases, these documents will be hundreds of pages long and firms will not want to spend the time printing these electronic documents out.

Many in search of legal careers have an interest in a position as a law librarian. These individuals are in charge of the legal books and resources that are needed for legal research, so they are extremely important. Even though there are other ways for these researchers to find this information, these librarians have access to materials that cannot be found elsewhere and, therefore, are very important in this industry.

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