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San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis

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Bonnie Dumanis, in her role as San Diego County's district attorney, has had faced several difficult decisions in the past several weeks. While working with the families of two young girls who went missing over the past year, she found herself essentially making a deal with the devil in an effort to secure closure for two grieving families. Calling the death penalty in California a ''hollow promise'', she ensured convicted sex offender and now murderer John Gardner would never leave prison.

Before she found herself in the media spotlight, Dumanis went about her days as a victims advocate and focusing on ''stopping the revolving door to prison'' and ensuring a more transparent approach and public access to the district attorney's office. She's also the first female district attorney in the county. Dumanis was a strong supporter of Proposition 83, or as many know it as, ''Jessica's Law'', which in essence makes California one of the toughest in pursuing and prosecuting child molesters and other sexual crimes.

Dumanis received her J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 1976. After passing the bar, she spent the next decade under the direction of then district attorney Ed Miller. While for many the next logical step would be to run for the office of District Attorney, she chose to serve as a San Diego Superior Court judge. In this capacity, she worked to develop the Domestic Violence Court, which among other things, sought to reduce recidivism rates for batterers. Once her mission was served with this program, she then helped to create the county's first ever Drug Court. Both programs have proven quite successful. It was then she decided to pursue the district attorney's role.

Among her many awards and accolades, Dumanis was awarded the YWCA Tribute to Women award, the California Women in Government Law, the Justice Award and the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary Women of Dedication award. Her conviction rate is one of the highest in the state of California at 94%; quite impressive by anyone's standards.

Another recent accomplishment includes more than one million dollars being returned to victims of an investment swindler. The two accused have pleaded guilty of cheating investors out of close to two million dollars and were sentenced to between ten and fourteen years. Her office is currently working with investors as they attempt to recoup some of their lost money. Because the two criminals had already spent some of the stolen money, her office now faces having to distribute funds based on the initial investments.

She has served or currently serves on the California State Bar Association Board of Governors, President of the California District Attorneys Association and the San Diego County Police Chiefs and Sheriff's Association.

Bonnie Dumanis is now currently campaigning for her third term as San Diego County California's district attorney. All signs point to her being re-elected as her list of followers continues to grow.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law


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