How to Write an Effective Law School Personal Statement

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A personal statement is an important part of your law school profession and you just cannot afford to ignore it. A brilliantly written personal statement enables you to stand out from the crowd. The personal statement must contain all the details about your accomplishment and attributes as an individual. Instead of writing a summary of your past achievements, make sure that you highlight the unique qualities of yours too. In your personal statement highlight your life experiences and goals in life. The personal statements enable you to craft an influential statement, recommend topics, and reveal the confidential information that you must know. You can seek help from professionals to create a law school personal statement. You must keep in mind the following parameters to make your law school personal statement more effective:
  • In the first place, you need to motivate yourself
  • It is very important that you keep in mind that the statement must be focused
  • You must look forward to the Committee's Cross-Examination

For creating an effective personal law school statement, you must take care of the following conditions:

Try to get personal when you are writing a law school personal statement. Try to incorporate details about your education, educational qualification, and particular upbringing. Make sure that the personal statement clearly states the reasons why you chose the legal field. Focus on a particular aspect on which you can elaborate. Do not forget to share the most unique experiences of yours as this will let the admission officer know you better. While writing the personal statement, avoid being poetic, and remember professionalism is the key.

Try to be as precise as possible. See to it that the personal statement is not more than two pages. Very long personal statements may not yield much benefit. Try and maintain a positive attitude. Even if you have not scored very well in some of your semesters as a law student, make sure that you are not wasting your time in explaining the reasons. Try and highlight your positive aspects.

Once the personal statement is written, thorough proofreading needs to be done. Not even a single language issue must be there. Apart from your grades and degrees equally important are your communication skills. Try and make yourself as calm and relaxed as possible. The committee must be able to comprehend fully what ever you are trying to say. Getting a feedback for your personal statement is a good idea. You can seek help from your professors, pre-law advisor of the undergraduate level, members of the family, and friends for their suggestions.

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