Becoming an E-Discovery Professional

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The current scenario in the professional legal job market is experiencing a new and huge explosion; called the e-discovery explosion. E-discovery is a reactive process of the forensic search for electronic information resulting from an external stimulus such as a subpoena in civil litigation or an internal one such as a human resource investigation for improper employee behavior. This new career has emerged out of the recent changes that have occurred in the domain of Law and the improved inventive status achieved by Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

This latest change has led to the creation of this brand new and thrilling career opportunity called Litigation support, for all those tech-savvy legal professionals who were long waiting for such a positive and upgraded change. These new age professionals are termed as ''Litigation Support Professionals''. These professionals are aptly skilled to employ the most radical and advanced legal technology by helping firms to plot a course for the expanding amount of ESI. They also effectively help in managing the huge amounts of information and data that are produced during the litigation process.

Litigation Support has surfaced as one of the hottest and happening career options in the Legal field right now and one of the most attractive aspects in this field is the high salary that is available.

Necessary Educational Qualifications for an E-Discovery Professional
  • The first and foremost thing that is necessary to become an e-discovery professional is that you need to have a background in law.
  • If you are stepping into the field of e-discovery from a prior niche in the IT sector, it will be helpful for you to posses a Bachelor's Degree in Information Sciences or any of the associated subjects.
  • Degrees in highly developed technologies may be a further positive factor on your resume.
  • Last but not the least it needs to be mentioned that as the entire professional dimension of e-discovery is a completely novel one, hence no professional training is available in the market. Most of the preparation and guidance takes place while working or while still studying law or while attending important seminars specific to the topic.
Responsibilities that an E-Discovery Professional Fulfills

As the professional paradigm of the e-discovery professionals is still expanding and under formulation there are no specific responsibilities. But then some of the common tasks that they need to perform are:
  • The first and foremost job of an e-discovery professional is to carry out detailed assessment of the client's ESI. Thereon they have to make significant contribution in the creation of the ESI preservation policies for the clients company.
  • A secondary responsibility would be to slowly and steadily train and educate the client in the context of e-discovery and the various policies in regard to it.
  • One of the most significant tasks of an e-discovery professional is to ensure that all the functioning of the company are in compliance to the newly formulated ESI rules as brought forth by the Federal Government.
  • An e-discovery professional has to also serve as a liaison between various sectors like the legal team, IT personnel, vendors, and records management personnel.

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