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About the Bar Exam

published September 21, 2009

By Harrison Barnes, CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Now that you have finally passed law school after all those long years of continuous hard work, you must be thinking that finally it is time to get a suitable legal job. But is a degree from law school all that you need to start practicing in your choice of state as a legal practitioner? Is your graduation degree from law school enough to proclaim you as a lawyer?

Well let us inform you that, no, the course of the events for a lawyer doesn’t really head that way. In fact before you can start practicing as a lawyer or legal associate, you need to get licensed by the particular state that you aim to practice in. This is where the Bar Exam enters the scene. First the state needs to license that you are legally allowed to practice in the state and only then can you start off with your career as a legal practitioner within its boundaries. So it is indispensable for you to take the Bar Examination of the State.

What comprises the Bar Exam?

Each and every state has their own set of rules in context to the Bar Exam, i.e. its content and process. Now coming to the exam, it is a thorough examination conducted over a period of two days at a stretch or more. The exam focuses on various aspects and sections of the study of law.

Parts of the Bar Exam
  • Section I: Essay type section consisting of a number of questions aimed to test the general knowledge of a law graduate on broad legal principles.
  • Section II: This particular section of questions is decided by the particular state influenced by its own licensing laws. The student is tested on how sound his knowledge is of the licensing laws of the state that he plans to practice in. This section comprises of a set of complex essay type questions.
  • Section III: This is the last section of the exam and is termed as the Multistate Bar Ex (MBE). This section comprises of 200 uniform multiple-choice questions. These questions are based on six different subjects in relation to the Principles of common law which are held and recognized by law throughout the United States. The MBE test is held just twice a year all throughout the country, in every state at the same time of the year.

Now, that you know about the Bar Exam, you must have realized its importance. However, you need to prepare really well for this exam, and for this you can join training institutes or prepare on your own. After you pass the Bar Exam, you will become a licensed legal practitioner.


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