New American Bar Association President for 2010 - Attorney Stephen N. Zack

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The commencement of the new president-elect for the ABA's 2010 term of one year will be approved formally by the House of Delegates. He will serve as the ABA as president-elect until he becomes American Bar Association President. Attorney Stephen N. Zack believes his positions as president-elect and President will help to facilitate the status of his culture, the Hispanics.

Stephen N. Zack grew up in Cuba where his Mother was native but his Father had his roots in Russia. The Zack family escaped the regime of Castro in 1961, when he was a teenager, and went to Miami. Zack grew up in his early years speaking Spanish and the Spanish T.V. Channel was anxious to interview him upon the announcement of his future position as American Bar Association President.

Attorney Stephen N. Zack has been working for more 35 years practicing law and has been taking an ABA leadership position as a founding member of the Cuban American Bar Association. He was the youngest president of the Florida Bar Association. Here is a list of his additional accomplishments in his trek to American Bar Association President
  • President of the National Conference of Bar Presidents
  • Chairman of the State Ethics Commission of Florida,
  • Member of the ABA Board of Governors
  • Chair of the ABA's House of Delegates
As American Bar Association President, Stephen N. Zack will have a broad focus on:
  • The legal rights of Hispanics, the largest minority group in America.
  • Civic education and diversity
  • Development of the country's next generation of lawyers
Why is a focus on Hispanics important to the American Bar Association President and Members?

In the year 2000, the country was 12.6 percent populated by the Hispanic community and only a little more than 3% were lawyers according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, by the year 2050, the Census Bureau estimates Hispanics will hold representation as one fourth of the country's population. The Hispanics are the largest growing population and the ABA deems it is a relevant growth that demands attention. The ABA is making a statement through having a Hispanic-American president, Stephen N. Zack, who has lived through the immigrant experience. ''We know you're there, and we will be part of the solution of your problems.''

The areas of Hispanic concern to be addressed by the ABA are:
  • Immigration
  • Voting rights
  • Access to interpreters
  • Language assistance in the courts
  • Juvenile justice services
For years fraud has been taking place on Hispanic immigrants through the ''notarios.'' The ''notarios'' represent themselves the same way they always have in the Hispanic culture. In their country they were the experts in immigration law and procedures but in this country they are not the same. The ''notarios'' have very little training in this respect in the United States and the ABA Commission on Immigration has increased measures to address the problem. The ABA is working in side-by-side with individual lawyers and other immigration rights groups.

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