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The UC Davis School of Law saw its beginning as an addition to the University of California —Davis which had been established by the State of California in 1959. The college was originally started in 1905 as an agricultural university so it wasn't until after the University of California system established ownership of the college in Davis that the inception of the law school was set into motion.

The state was seeing a population explosion in the sixties from new comers to settle in the attractive climate California offered. The regents of the University of California were thinking ahead and decided the state had a need to add 3 more campuses and a law school to the existing 7 campuses. The University of California already had the largest public collegiate school system in the United States as of the 1960's. The University of California-Davis: School of Law was then built and enrolled its first student class of 75 and had a faculty of 4.

There was no law school building on campus during those early years so students met in little rectangular pods made of metal. There was no student union so they gathered at the homes of professors or went into the small town of Davis to talk and exchange ideas about the political climate of the sixties. They frequented coffee shops and spent time with other students well into the night and this was where the idea to name their first building after Dr. King was born.

The first law school class graduated from the University of California-Davis: School of Law in 1969 and the first law school building became a reality and officially dedicated to the memory of Dr. King on April 12, 1969. King Hall remains a tribute to Dr King and his leadership to realize social and political justice through peaceful efforts.

The University of California-Davis: School of Law was intended to be the smallest of the four law schools established in California. University of California-Davis: School of Law offers a personal and intellectually challenging campus to law students. It is ranked in the top 5 for law schools in California and in the top 40 in the United States. The school is known for its focus in:

  • Business law
  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Environmental and natural resources law
  • Health care law and bioethics
  • Human rights and social justice law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Immigration law
  • International and comparative law
  • Constitutional law
  • Public interest law

Tuition to attend the University of California-Davis: School of Law is approximately $51,000 (includes estimates for housing and books) for in state students and is $13,000 higher for out of state students. There is a vibrant student life and plenty of on campus housing for families and single students. Financial Aid is available and instructions for applying are posted on the UC Davis School of Law website. The employment rate for graduates is 99% in all law fields combined from law firms to government employment. The University of California-Davis: School of Law produces high caliber professionals who become successful in their legal pursuits.

University of California At Davis School of Law


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