Criminal Justice Part-Time Adjunct Faculty

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A Criminal Justice Part-Time Adjunct Faculty staff holds a teaching position in an institution of higher learning. Classes offered to be taught by the Criminal Justice Part-time Adjunct Faculty can vary between schools. They are usually introductory courses or first year courses in Criminal Justice. Occasionally a post secondary institution or college may ask the candidate which classes he/she would be interested in teaching. Other schools may not give the Criminal Justice Part-Time Adjunct Faculty candidate the opportunity to select. Here are some courses required by one university for an Adjunct Faculty to teach:
  • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • Introduction to the Correctional Process
  • Penology
  • Probation, Parole and Community Corrections
  • Correctional Treatment
  • Community Relations in the Criminal Justice System
There are many responsibilities for the Criminal Justice Part-time Adjunct  Faculty staff:
  • Prepare course instruction so student learning is maximized.
  • Be available for all scheduled classes on time.
  • Prepare and give syllabi to all assigned classes.
  • Use approved teaching strategies.
  • Modify your instruction to the needs of students.
  • Make use of instructional technology when necessary by checking out equipment or using computer labs.
  • Support online efforts to advance students.
  • Review and grade student home work in a timely manner.
  • Maintain records of each student’s development in the courses.
  • Submit grade information per semester deadlines.
  • Keep student’s grades and other information confidential.
  • Be conscientious of facilities and materials used for the class.
  • Attend required meetings for the department and college.
  • Be familiar and promote the goals and mission of the school.
Why are Universities and Colleges hiring Part-Time Adjunct Faculty?

The hiring of a part-time faculty member is always based upon the class schedule needs and funds available. A part-time faculty staff teaches no more than 10 hours a semester and not more than 20 hours a year in a two semester program. The hiring is usually done one semester at a time since it is based on student enrollment.

In 2005-2006, studies showed that more than half of faculty was part-time. The American Association of University Professors released in response that the change is reflective of the economy. The trend is moving away from stable lifetime positions with benefits. This promotes the part-time faculty positions with no benefits. It is happening in all higher learning institutions. There are both pros and cons for the effectiveness of the change. It is highly effective for colleges and universities who can expand or contract the number of classes offered because of an increasing number of part-time students.

What is the Salary for the Criminal Justice Part-time Adjunct Faculty?

Salary ranges are approximately $1,200 to $2,800 per term depending on course size and how long the adjunct faculty has been teaching at the college or university. This salary can increase based on education and experience. A master’s degree and doctorate degree commands substantially more pay. Advanced degrees plus experience can also provide a candidate with a greater part-time salary.

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