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Brian Hill - Aviation Lawyer

published July 14, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Brian Hill was selected as the litigation counsel for the Orlando Aviation Authority throughout the 1990's. He also represented the Hillsborough Aviation Authority which included the Tampa International Airport. As an aviation lawyer, Brian Hill uses the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 (GARA) steps to practice aviation law due to the nature of the work.
  1. The General Aviation Revitalization Act requires the date the plane or craft was put into service be resolved and the same for component parts involved. The parts from a manufacturer that are more than 18 years old from the date the product was put into service cannot have claims made against them.
  2. Preparations commence for the owner to recover the craft's wreckage. The wreckage is kept in a limited-access-storage where all access is documented.
  3. Plans to inspect the wreckage along with photographs need to be done quickly.
  4. Early on in the process a decision should be made about the experts needed to determine filing a claim is the next step.

The National Transportation Safety Board - Aviation Branch – produces its own report after investigating the wreck and their report seldom shows favor to any injured pilots or passengers. It is not likely the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report could ever be used to bring a suit against the manufacturer.

There are about ten questions that Brian Hill suggests clients will ask when hiring an Aviation Lawyer and the firm or sole practitioner will have the best chances of obtaining the clients if the questions are answered as aptly as Attorney Brian Hill Aviation Lawyer can respond:
  1. Is the firm or attorney experienced in aviation law? (Brian Hill Aviation Lawyer about 20 years of experience.)
  2. How much legal experience does the firm or attorney have as a civil trial attorney? (Attorney Brian Hill has over 30 years experience.)
  3. Does the firm have the financial backing to prepare a team of experts that are equal to or better than the insurance company experts? (Yes to both)
  4. Is the Counsel a small firm that primarily practices aviation law? (Brian Hill, Aviation Lawyer, practices in Florida and he has the experience for cases in the Florida court system as well as nationwide and international experience.)
  5. Does the Counsel show concern for the clients who are suffering losses and need an attorney that understands and respects their stress at the time? (This is part of the service to clients.)
  6. Does the firm have good Team Building capabilities with experts and attorneys up front to determine the specific claims that can win? (Attorney Brian Hill keeps a team of attorneys and experts on hand.)
  7. Do clients typically pay fees without a recovery? (The answer is no at Brian Hill's firm)
  8. Are there any contingency or retainer fees? (There are contingency fees before the aviation case begins.)
  9. If counsel does not win the case is the client responsible for court costs? (No costs charged to clients to make the claim if unsuccessful.)
  10. Nationwide Experience? (Attorney Brian Hill does have international and nationwide experience. His firm has contacts with aviation attorneys and can the form teams necessary to win the case.)

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