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How to Start Work as a Freelance Paralegal

published June 22, 2009

Silas Reed
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As any type of job, including that of a freelance paralegal, you will need to have the right education. If you want a job as a freelance paralegal, be sure that you are certified when it comes to the paralegal industry. This might mean that you go to a community college to get a two-year Associate's degree, or you might want to go on and do law school or some other type of education that will make you certified to be a freelance paralegal.

Once you have the education, you are probably going to need to work for a paralegal in a non-freelance setting for some time. This is going to give you a chance to learn about the life of a paralegal and to make sure that you understand exactly what you are going to be doing. It is very important for you to take some time and get some good experience before you want to be a freelance paralegal, because these are jobs that really take some learning, and the more experience you can have, the better you are going to be at attracting customers when you are doing your freelance work. Do your best, learn as much as you can, and then be ready to start working on some other types of jobs.

After you have experience with paralegal work, you can start to look at ways that you will be able to do this as a freelance opportunity. When you are a freelance paralegal, you can do work for more than one attorney at a time, which means more work for you, but also more money for you as you can charge them rates you want all for the work that you are doing.

Once you've started as a freelance paralegal, you will want to set up a website and attract clients to you. Build up a portfolio and a resume of the work that you have done and the clients that you have worked for, and you'll soon see that this is something that you can continue to do for a long time. For many people, this is just the start of the type of life that they have always wanted to live.

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