How Does a Notary Spend a Work Day

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Also referred to as a mobile notary, this profession is crucial to ensuring that official documents stay official, by authorizing specific individual's signatures, etc. If this career is of interest to you, read on to see what it takes to become a notary, and how they spend their days.

Notary Education and Certification

In order to become a notary, one must become certified in the state that they will be working in.  Each certification will slightly differ, as each state's laws are different.  However, in general, one must take a short, several hour course or seminar (this can include online courses) and then pass the state exam.
Most states also require that certified notaries take a refresher course (usually every four years, or so). 

Certified Loan Signer

Notaries who specialize in notarizing loan documents are called loan signers.  Many notaries will work in this area because for some, it can offer a lot of earning potential. This certification differs from the general notary certification, but offers individuals the opportunity to be self-employed.

Where Do Notary Publics Work?

The physical local of where notary publics actually work can vary. Many businesses or agencies who are continuously signing official documents keep their own notary publics on staff. This may be in addition to other duties that one carries out, or be an exclusive job in itself. You will most likely also find notary publics employed at banks, mortgage companies, certain law offices and other legal and financial institutions.  Some notary publics who are required to receive this certification as part of their existing job will also find that it is something that they can do from home, as their own personal part-time business.   

Notary Work Days

A notary's schedule needs to be flexible, and it is important that as a notary, especially a self-employed one, you make yourself available to be reached at all times.  This is because sometimes documents need to be signed with little or no warning, during both the typical "business" as well as "non-business" hours of the day.

Working as a notary is more than just watching someone sign a document, stamping it with your seal, and then signing your name.  Notaries are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the laws that deal with officiating documents.  When a notary affixes his or her name to a document, they are assuming all liabilities that come with this legal document.
A day as a notary public will vary from day to day, depending on if you are a notary because of your current job, or if you are a self-employed notary. Appointments will vary.

When at an actual appointment, a notary must obtain several forms of identification from the individuals whose signatures are being notarized, to verify that they are who they claim to be.  Once verified, a notary oversees the signing of the documents, then seals and signs the documents prior to sending them to be processed.


If you are self-employed as a notary public, you will determine the amount that you will charge for your services.  Most laws mandate the maximum amount that can be charged.  With that said, established notaries can make a very profitable business for themselves. 

Job Security

While this office job will entail a lot of paperwork, it is in demand in today's economy, and those who seek out this career most likely will have job security.

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