Concord Law School - Leading University for an Online Law Degree

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Concord Law School is a leading school for the online law degree. Concord is currently offering part-time law classes to pursue a JD Degree or if you want to enrich your legal knowledge with the EJD program, you will find a team of supportive staff and faculty to ensure your success as you work for your online degree.

The Law school admissions at Concord accept;

  • Motivated students who are ready for the challenge of professional development online
  • Applicants who have many different experiences, and perspectives to their coursework and to the legal profession. .
  • Applicants who have completed a bachelor's degree
This School of Law offers a part-time program teaching the core bar courses. The Juris Doctorate program students will complete and pass 22 or 24 units of coursework every year of the four year program (92 units over 4 years). The Executive Juris Doctor degree is completed over three years (72 units). In 2008, tuition was $9250 a year. Concord students manage the requirements of four or five courses in their integrated curriculum, while they work to increase their legal knowledge and research skills.

The financial aid department at Concord School of Law helps students acquire the financial aid needed to attend law school. There are several options that include a variety of federal, state and private lending programs. Financial aid is committed to getting you through.

J D law students meet on a regular schedule with fellow students in study groups, to relate experiences and give support to others in their studies. Meetings are done online, on the phone, and, when possible they are live meetings.

A Law School Survey of Student Engagement was conducted by Indiana University at Bloomington’s Center for Postsecondary Research. The survey found that Concord Law Students acknowledged being more involved in their studies than all the law students who were surveyed. How do they do it? A teaching faculty staff with law practice experience along with supportive professors and advisors committed to successful students

Creative learning techniques designed for online classes:
  • Video lectures from national legal experts
  • Live online classes are engaging to an online learning class
  • feedback and support from faculty and students
  • Tutorials for each student
  • An online library that is always available with all the resources required for the Juris Doctorate degree
In Conclusion, Concord University Law School is the first to pioneer as an online law school. The online Law School began in 1998 and has continued successfully to date. Some successful data about their graduates have been compiled that speaks highly to their ability to pass the California Bar Exam. New online teaching techniques make the Online Concord University Law School a worthy competitor with the standard brick and mortar schools of learning. Many students from schools like Harvard, Yale and the University of California at Berkeley find that Concord exceeds their expectations. Concord University Law School is the number one leader for online law schools.
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Concord Law School.


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