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Barristers in the United Kingdom and Attorneys in the U.S.A

published March 24, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Lawyers practice in specialized businesses such as renowned law firms. This however, is in exception to barristers in the United Kingdom. Most law firms across the world are actually not conglomerates, but small businesses with a staff of 1 to 10 lawyers and a management staff that does not specialize in legal issues. The United States is famous for many law firms and qualified legal officers. However, the United States prides itself on its legal system that has many law firms that have more than 50 lawyers. Over the 90’s, the economic burst saw key mergers and acquisitions and there are now firms that have between 100-1000 lawyers in a law firm.

The context of barristers is a wide subject. Barristers are actually a brand of lawyers practicing in the United Kingdom. They proffer their services to the public and do not work in law firms. Legal staffing has seen the integration of various legal processes. A law firm requires a staff to function. The staff is not the typical office system where you just have some secretaries, a messenger and some errand boys. A law firm needs qualified graduates to serve in the capacities the law firm finds necessary in its setting.

This distinct perspective coerces an academic prerequisite that forces those aspiring to be lawyers to achieve distinct academia levels. Such distinct academia qualifications include a degree in the faculty of law. A faculty of law in a law school or a university is a department that teaches law to students. Law students hoping to make it past the legal staffing process have to gain apprenticeship after getting a masters or bachelors in laws degree. The students who undergo some examinations, coursework and apprenticeship are often considered as a law firm’s best bet during legal staffing. Often, the apprenticeship and the coursework involve learning in government institutions and learning platforms. This proffers immense proficiency to these law students making them attractive legal experts for leading law firms.

Legal staffers often look at the education background of a law student when considering them for appointments. During the process of legal staffing, various contexts like the method and quality of education are looked into very thoroughly. The staffer will evaluate the skills and proficiency gained during apprenticeship. This could involve screening the candidates and evaluating the skills they have gained during their training. Such could be the intense in-class cross examination during study, a renowned Socratic method. While these skills are the truly profound about what a lawyer can do, legal staffing is the core of advocacy and a law firm’s future depends on it.

Legal firms rely on their staff to win cases and advise comprehensively. Corporations will depend on lawyers who can deliver corporate governance and law and advice well on issues regarding corporate law and related issues. As such, a law firm needs qualified practitioners. To get them, only the legal staffing process can guarantee the firm the desired results. While it is a very technical process, sometimes outsourcing the services could prove worthwhile and most law firms do just that.

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