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Law Students; The Context Of The Law Course

published March 24, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Thousands of university students or potential university students are still at a cross roads on how their law career is structured. In fact their fears are justified since the educational prerequisites to qualify as a lawyer vary with locales. It is important to understand well how one can handle their studies and pursue the study of law in a comprehensive manner. This article explores the profile of the legal studies boldly, giving light to key issues in the study of law.

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Primarily, law is taught at law schools. Law students in such schools pursue a masters or bachelor of laws degree. This is the entry level requirement in many law firms. Also, it is the prerequisite to getting a license to practice as an attorney or lawyer. In many countries, a student is required to earn a bachelors degree in law and at the same time earn a bachelors degree in a field like business or economics. The LLB, which is the predominant law prerequisite, backed up by this degree, makes the law student a well ranking potential attorney. However, he /she will need to add to his academic portfolio a distinct achievement through apprenticeship, advanced education and coursework in government institutions. This makes his overall academic transcript be favored from legal staffers.

As earlier mentioned, law is studied in law schools. These are graduate schools where a law student earns a bachelors degree in law. While most law schools are subsidiaries of universities, a bachelor’s degree is the prerequisite to entry. However, a few law schools are independent institutions. These schools award the law students a Juris doctor (JD) which means doctor of jurisprudence. This is contrary to the bachelor of law awarded to graduates in universities. Key law schools offer post-doctoral law degrees such as the Legnum Magister or Master of law to students looking forward to further their law studies to a certain area of law.

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The style of gauging legal studies and the quality of the legal studies differ in many countries. Law students undergo thorough training in the form of legal apprenticeship. These are referred to as legal clinical courses. While other countries do not have their institutions carrying out such processes, the quality and method of gauging the legal studies are felt down to legal staffing processes. Some countries systems opt to teach law through assigned manuals which are references to judicial opinions. This is the renowned casebook methodology of teaching law. Subsequently, after going through such studies, the law students undergo intense in class-cross examination by the law professor who is teaching them. This method of teaching is the renowned Socratic methodology of teaching high level legal practice in a university.

Universities offering legal studies have maintained a tradition of small legal studies which make the law students numbers minimal. They grant admission to a limited number of students to pursue this course. This calls for students to be highly qualified when choosing the study of law as a career choice. While law is a profound and difficult study, the young graduate should have the enthusiasm and passion to pursue it.

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published March 24, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 11 votes, average: 4.6 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.