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The Benefits of Legal Staffing

published March 10, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Most law firms have managed to be topnotch law firms through proper legal staffing processes. Actually, most experts in the legal profession who are running their own firms or have a partnership know it is important to have a proper staffing procedure. The aim of this practice is aimed at tapping the best employees who can adequately supply the firm with relevant effort, experience, and expediency in the tasks delegated. This means that the process of legal staffing is both the key to law firms making the most out of their employees and a process through which the law firm is able to achieve distinctive practice profile.

Candidly, to find the best employees from a human resources perspective is a tricky process. A young graduate might have the skill set and the enthusiasm. However, exposure to the working conditions and the objectives and schedules of the employer might hurt the objective of the employee, and deplete his drive and make his enthusiasm wane, hence a drop down in his performance. The legal staffing process requires rigorous and thorough examination of the qualities and general attributes of possible candidates. The legal staffer has the obligation to identify someone or a group of young graduate lawyers who have the drive and ability to sustain their morale and performance regardless of working conditions, legal practice industry weather, and impeding practice storms. Such an employee or lawyer will manage his affairs or department in the firm consistently and will not be compelled to be quiet or under-perform in case the above-mentioned impeding hurricanes befall the law firm.

Any law firm can outsource legal staffing. The benefits of outsourcing are mainly success in seeking teams for either special case in court. Outsourcing legal staffing helps the firm seek litigators for special cases. The law firm also takes chances to get good attorneys who are knowledgeable in various expertises like real estate, insurance, tax and other disciplines that the law firm would like to tackle. Outsourcing provides the right candidates for these positions.

Graduates with relevant education backgrounds, experience, and legal expertise in the required fields are able to find work in the firms. Legal expertise could be antitrust law, insurance, real estate, banking, mergers and acquisition, tax, securities, and litigation environment among other important subjects.

Other key benefits of legal staffing include increased productivity in the firm. This context however varies with both industry demographics and employee productivity. While it could be easy to get the right person for the position, the person might be unable to win a case in court. This could deplete the corporate image of the firm. Assuming the law firm is looking for a corporate lawyer their objective is to have a staff that can represent the client whose business is mainly business. The new lawyer must fulfill the objectives of the client and provide proper legal counsel. In case they are in court, the lawyer must be able to lay bare the facts and win a case. Unless this applies time after time, the eventuality is loss of clients since the law firm cannot provide legal insulation to its clientele.

As such, the process of legal staffing is not only the backbone of the law firm's corporate future, but also the key aspect of the company's functionality. Students looking for legal jobs in law firms should project the qualities that promise relevance and diligence to the continuity of the company. They should show both rationales, the ability to argue reason and discuss a legal issue in a comprehensive manner. That aside, wining cases in court and having an overview of how the process of law takes course is an important perspective when a candidate faces a legal staffing panel. Since you will be reimbursed for your efforts, services, and contributions in the firm you should equip yourself with knowledge and well benchmarked principal objectives as a lawyer.

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