Inside Legal Blogs, a Confirmation Write–up of Sorts

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Above the Law bloggers wrote a curse word injected, personal interpretation of fun-filled questions involving waterboarding and its qualifications as torture, Marc Rich and his financial scandals, and Illinois' Gov. Blagojevich and his oh-so-sneaky Senate seat selling scheme.

The WSJ's Law Blog also commented on Holder's hearing, summing it up with a quote from Holder himself: ''Water boarding is torture''—Holder made sure not to follow in Mukasey's footsteps when he dodged the question in 2007.

Hillary Clinton seems to have held her own in the Secretary of State confirmation hearing as well, as the Foreign Relations Committee oft-tried to unveil disparities between her views and those of President-Elect Barack Obama. The New York Times political blog agrees she fared well, but that her biggest issue of the day appears to be her connection to...you guessed it, Bill Clinton.

If confirmed, we'll know soon enough know whether or not Bill and his political endeavors sway Mrs. Clinton away from her position's prescriptions—she promised ''to be vigilant'', though.

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