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Understanding the game is important aspect of being a Sports Attorney

published January 03, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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There are more and more athletes in the spotlight lately. We aren't talking about on the playing field either. We are talking about the courtroom. For Mike Tyson in all his wacky ways, there is only one thing that could help that man. That would be a "just as wacky" lawyer. Any takers?

Then we head to the pits where Michael Vick has seemed to take up some residence. The man has got problems, but just because he is a well known football player doesn't mean that he wouldn't like the sport of dog fighting. Hey, even 16th century Queens loved to watch dogfights. Would that make him less likely to like the "sport"? If you were his attorney, you could bring up that point, regardless if it being illegal. It makes for some great magazine and newspaper headlines.

Face it, to be a sport's attorney; you have to be part of the game. Unless, well your attorney happens, to be none other, then Nancy Grace, who happens to be a bit of a sport herself. Wait she is a DA (well use to be). Whatever the case may be, you get a good case, you will quickly move on up to the limelight, yourself. Who wouldn't want to be a sports attorney?

You may find that there is something exciting about defending athletes. They are similar to actors. How exciting it would have been if the Cowboys tried to sue Jessica Simpson in her little pink jersey episode, last year? If you were an attorney in that kind of case, could you keep a straight face?

These are not the only type of cases that you would have to face, either. How about, you being in the thick, of a divorce and child custody dispute? This is sure to bring some media attention, especially if there are assets and your client is already famous. These are just some examples of sports law jobs that you can look forward to.

It would most definitely be interesting whether you decided to be a civil or criminal lawyer for athletes. There are so different outlooks when it comes to being a sports attorney. There is the money and the fact that you will be in the limelight most of the time. Keep in mind; this can be good as well as bad for you. That is exactly why you should make sure that you want to pursue a career in law specifically for athletes. Of course, you have to play by the same rules; you will just get into limelight now.

You will find many organizations specifically for those who decide to represent sports figures. Finding an attorney's job is one thing, but you can be a member of groups like Sports Lawyer Association, Incorporated.

There are groups for lawyers who are black and represent sports figures.

Going online, you will find several magazines that are printed exclusively for sports lawyers; rather you are an athlete that needs legal advice all the way to those who are pro athletes. It seems that there are several facets to becoming a sports lawyer.

If you already love the idea of being a lawyer, there is no better way to take your passion to the next level. It will simply bring you a little into the limelight. You will definitely have an excuse to make the case into some sort of drug out drama. The media will dig it, the judge won't mind and your client’s wallet will shrink. Who wouldn't want to represent an athlete?

Well, O.J. finally got a sentence, but how many years later and for what reasons. The man practically got away with murder, which was always beyond me. That was when I realized that money can get one out of jail free for murdering two people. They talked more about Johnny Cochran in that case then about OJ Simpson.

Being a sport lawyer will surely have its ups and downs. If being in the limelight is something you will like, by all means go for it. Maybe that is not the case at all. You may love sports and feel that athletes deserve the best representation, so you decide to get an attorney's job working for athletes.

You can search online for certain organizations that you may to become involved with when you pass the bar exam. Always do what you love to do. Of course you will always have something exciting to talk about besides the case. Any sports lover would love a career where they can be close to a professional athlete.

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