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The Most Ideal Method in Finding Your Next Job in Law Firm

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What risks are you taking with you career search? Howard Stacey is an attorney with a prestigious New York based law firm. His annual income is over six figures. Howard is very unhappy with his job. The constant high-pressured demands and arduous work schedules have taken their toll on him. Like so many other job seekers, Howard often feels lost, especially when contemplating what's the best avenue to pursue in getting another job. What's Howard's solution? Should he seek the assistance of an executive recruitment agency or utilize outplacement services?

Howard's answer (and for so many others) is to understand the different practices associated with executive recruitment agencies and outplacement services. These services are very different in nature and provide different outcomes. Listed below are some important factors to help you decide which method is the most appropriate. In researching the techniques used by both executive recruiting and outplacement services, we found the following:

Placement/Executive Recruiter

Objective: Find job seeker for client jobs
Client Career Analysis: Benefits client organization
Confidentiality: Job seeker information may be broadcast widely
Loyalty: Client
Scope of Search: Limited (organizations corporate client)

Outplacement Agency

Objective: Find "right position" for job seeker
Client Career Analysis: Benefits individual
Confidentiality: Individual controls
Loyalty: Individual
Scope of Search Unlimited

Howard chose the outplacement company. The type of company provides value-added services that help Howard leverage his career both inside his current organization and with other organizations. Those additional services included:

  • Target networking and email campaigns;
  • Salary and benefit negotiations;
  • Educational training sessions (including interviewing techniques, market research)
  • Counseling assistance with other recruiters.
For the past six months, Howard has worked with an Outplacement Agency and has landed a position with an organization that offers regularly scheduled work hours and is located close to his home. As Syrus once stated, "many receive advice, only the wise profit from it." By working smarter, not harder, Howard profited from the services provided by the Outplacement Agency. Can you afford to take chances with your future?

Vickie Clark is a consultant with Alan Randall Associates, Inc. specializes in attorney transitions and is a service of Alan Randall Associates.

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