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Yale Law School, Ranked #1 in the Country

published November 10, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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<<Today, Yale Law School is ranked the #1 law school in the country for 2008 by U.S. News & World Report. As the survey's top-ranked law school, Yale's core mission is training the next generation of leaders in law, the judiciary, academia, and public service.

In fact, the school boasts graduates that include U.S. Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices.

The Law Program

Yale continues to lead the way in international law and political policy. Professional excellence and public service are still the underlying foundation of the Yale law program. The school's faculty appointments and curricula are targeted toward developing lawyers and other professionals ready to serve the greater good of the world.

The educational program focuses on direct training under the guidance of a mentor, which is why the student-instructor ratio is so low at 7.4. According to its website, in order to promote a spirit of ''collaboration'' among its students, all of the courses during the first term are ungraded, with following classes being graded as honors/pass/low pass.

It is also worthwhile to note that nearly 100% of all Yale Law School graduates are hired within the first 9 months after graduation, with 94.5% holding jobs on the date of graduation.

Despite its outstanding achievements, Yale remains true to its apprenticeship beginnings. A single factor, the small teacher-to-student ratio, is its major draw for students from around the world. This is considered to be one of the primary reasons behind Yale Law School's success throughout the 20th Century.

Yale Law School Statistics

Students attending Yale Law School are expected to participate in many programs outside of law. A student contemplating attending Yale Law School will want to consider the following statistics:

GPA: 3.83-3.97

2007 total teaching faculty: 142

2007 total full-time enrollment: 586

LSAT scores above 170, in the 25th-75th percentile range

Acceptance rate is 6.8%

Costs for the 2007 School Year

Full-time: $43,750 Part-time: $22,750

Room and board: $15,100

See Top Law Schools Analyzed and Ranked By America's Top Legal Recruiter Harrison Barnes for more information.

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