The Legal Job Market in Las Vegas

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The Major Law Firms in Las Vegas

There are several reputable law firms in Las Vegas that offer excellent services in their respective fields of expertise. The personal injury law firm of Harris and Schwartz is one of the best in the country. Their attorneys have been recognized for their skills, professionalism, and their knowledge; they have won several awards, such as from the American Association for Justice, as well as the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association. The firm handles many complex personal injury and automobile injury accident claims that involve a wide range of circumstances.

The Fox, Rothschild, LLP is another major law firm in Las Vegas that boasts over 300 attorneys, and practices in many different areas such as business litigation, family, and probate law. This law firm offers many legal jobs in a wide range of areas of practice. Fox, Rothschild, LLP is also one of the premier legal firms that services clients across the East Coast, and other parts of the nation as well. With offices around the world, they can serve clients from various locations. Their rates are somewhat reduced as they don’t incur extra transportation expenses.

Are There Lots of Jobs, or Is Work Slow?

The legal profession in Las Vegas is booming with legal jobs that pay well, provided that applicants have all of the necessary requirements and sought-after skills. If you are one of those students with the ambition of joining the legal industry, then one needs to get a good professional certification as well as an advanced degree. Paralegals get their certification as a way of showing that they are serious about the field. To gain employment in certain specialized areas of practice such as tax law, an additional LLM degree could go a long way to increase your chances of finding a good firm.

To better your chances of getting attorney jobs, especially in Las Vegas, one should try to better his or her technical skill set. To have a significant advantage in today’s legal market, it is important to get tech savvy. Knowledge in this field will also increase your chances in landing legal jobs for secretaries, paralegals, or even litigation support personnel.

Prominent Practice Areas in Las Vegas

There are many areas of law available to practice in Las Vegas. There are as many as 70 areas that can be further subdivided into 130 sub-fields of practice. One of the best areas in which to practice law in Las Vegas is administrative law, because their are many available positions both in government as well as in the private sector. Las Vegas, being a business city, is also good for business law. It is good to look for a career that reflects the business climate of your surroundings. Medical law is also a good area in which to practice law in Las Vegas. It is both lucrative and well-paying.

Taking the Nevada Bar Exam

For anyone who wants to prove that he or she is fit to practice law in any given jurisdiction, they have to sit and pass the Bar examination. One has to pass the Bar in order to hold a license to legally practice. It is just one of the several steps that one has to go through to start practicing law generally, and Nevada is no exception. Each Bar exam is administered by different agencies in their respective states, with the only exception being the Patent Bar, which is administered by the Office of Enrollment and Discipline and Trademark Office in the U.S.

Cost of Living in Las Vegas

The cost of living in Las Vegas is relatively high, though there are a large number of jobs, especially in the service sector. Attorneys in Vegas are plentiful, and well-paid. The cost of living in Las Vegas is 3.82% higher than the national average. Most of the public schools in Las Vegas spend about $5, 221 per student, per year.

Quality of Life in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a good quality of life — many young families spend very little on a wide range of activities that would cost more in other cities. The city enjoys a thriving economy. Being the gambling capital of the world, it attracts many people who come to gamble, and the financial trickle-down effect is enjoyed by the ordinary residents of Las Vegas.

Fox Rothschild LLP.

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