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The Scenario of Legal jobs in East Asia

published August 18, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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<<Clients demand excellent and quality service from their lawyers. Jobs in the legal profession are in part responsible for growth of the economy and they play a key role in ensuring that the stability of the country's economy is maintained. The number of practicing attorneys in Japan is expected to increase given the number of students graduating from law school. Growth in the field will help cater to increasing legal demands and create more law jobs.

Over the past few years, many law firms in Japan are joining together and merging to become larger firms. Mergers are seen as efforts for most firms to guarantee their survival in the highly competitive legal market. There is also a need for more law firms in Japan, due to the current problem of conflict of interest. This problem is due to the fact that most firm owners are also key players in industries. This therefore means that whenever there are transactions in industries, it is often the industry owners that carry out the legal aspects of the transactions. This need for new firms provides opportunities for both the market and small firms to grow.

The legal market in Singapore has also expanded quite rapidly. The growth is attributed to the various changes in the field over the past few years. Although not yet clear, information from the Singapore legal market indicates that the government may plan to allow international firms to practice in some parts of the country. It is also not yet known how the legal market in Singapore would be affected by such a move. The prospect is, however, good news for lawyers in Singapore, as international firms operating in their country would offer the lawyers jobs. According to the proposed legislation, if foreign firms are allowed to set up their offices and practice in Singapore, they would be subject to limitations in their fields of practice and the firms would be required to provide proof of commitment to the betterment of Singapore and its citizens.

Although the proposed changes are expected to have some impacts both positive and negative to the legal field in Singapore, one thing that is clear is that there will be creation of more law jobs. Singapore has been cited as an ideal location for setting up a central place for the practice of law, since many companies have their industrial base in Singapore. Other major legal markets in the region include the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Jakarta and Manila. Governments in these cities, and indeed the whole world, have supported the rapid expansion of legal markets. The governments expect that the growth and expansion of the legal field will contribute significantly to the creation of legal jobs and, in the process, enhance and promote the country's growth.

In the legal field, the major tool of trade is communication. It is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure that there is no language barrier, especially for operations in various countries. In most countries, English is the preferred language since it is the universal language for business. This means that lawyers looking to transfer to the Far East are not necessarily required to learn the local dialect, though of course it is always helpful. In some countries like South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, there may be the need for someone to learn a second language in order to communicate easily with local residents.

For any legal firm that would wish to transfer its operations to the East Asian market, it is important to realize that there are some requirements that must be met before a firm would be allowed to set up operations. First, the firm must show how it will be of benefit to the particular country and its residents. The firm must also demonstrate, among other things, its commitment to improving the legal field in that particular country.

It is worthwhile to consider relocating to the East Asian market. There are not only excellent opportunities, but the legal field is also more dynamic and this will guarantee better quality legal services for all.

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