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June 24 2008 Legal Blog Roundup

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But law was actually a topic of discussion, too! The Supreme Court was in the news, as usual, with Boumediene being put into effect. On Thursday, the Court also released five other opinions, four of which dealt with workers' rights decisions. There are ten decisions left for the Court in this term — including the hotly anticipated Second Amendment case DC v. Heller.

Meanwhile, Bear Sterns, the ill-fated investment firm, saw some of its former managers arrested. This, in turn, enabled the arresting officers to take each arrestee on the infamous "perp walk," which brought a discussion of the propriety of said walk. The Kozinski porn case, meanwhile, died down a bit — for the moment.

In other blog-related news, the Associated Press came in for some derision with their stunning decision to try to charge $2.50 a word for quoting their stories.

And finally, we at last found out the top ten legal songs of all time, as voted for by the readers of Above the Law:
  1. I Fought The Law — The Clash [ Lyrics|YouTube ]
  2. Lawyers, Guns, and Money — Warren Zevon [ Lyrics|YouTube ]
  3. 99 Problems — Jay-Z [ Lyrics|YouTube ]
  4. Folsom Prison Blues — Johnny Cash [ Lyrics|YouTube ]
  5. We're All Winners, as arranged by Nixon Peabody [ Explanation ]
  6. Law and Order theme song [ YouTube|Dance Remix ]
  7. Hurricane — Bob Dylan [ Lyrics|YouTube ]
  8. Alice's Restaurant — Arlo Guthrie [ YouTube ]
  9. I Fought The Law — Bobby Fuller 4 [ Lyrics|YouTube ]
  10. The Road Goes on Forever — Robert Earl Keen [ YouTube ]

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