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How Attorneys take a break and sleep away their worries of stressful legal jobs

published March 29, 2008

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<<Lawyers, you know the scenario well. It's 11 p.m., and after a long day you're finally going to be able to leave the office and go home. The entire week your job has consisted of preparing for a vital case that will begin on Monday — a case that may be a crucial turning point in your legal career. After all, if you're successful in the courtroom, it may just be your ticket to earning the title of partner.

For now, though, you can forget about conducting any additional research or rehearsing opening statements because at this moment you can breathe a sigh of relief, forget about your job as an attorney (and the responsibilities and accompanying billable hours that come with it), drive home, and sink into a one-of-a-kind bed that is the best money can buy.

Belgium-based Vi-Spring (the first portion of the company name represents the number six in Roman numerals, which is the number of coils used in each spring) was founded in 1901. The company is credited with developing the first spring mattress, utilizing a system of individually pocketed springs which forever revolutionized the way that beds were manufactured. Since its inception more than 100 years ago, "Vi-Spring has never wavered from its original philosophy of using the best craftsmanship and quality materials to produce the finest beds in the world."

Underscoring this incessant focus on quality, Vi-Spring recently created the Monarch. Unveiled in February, it is being sold exclusively at Harrods and is retailing for $50,000. Stephen George, beds and bedroom furniture buyer at Harrods, said, "I've spent 46 years in the bed trade and have traveled all around the world trying and testing all types of beds. I truly believe the Vi-Spring Monarch is the very best bed ever created. We are extremely proud to be able to offer it exclusively to our customers."

The Monarch was developed — and continues to be manufactured — using only the highest-quality products. These high-grade materials include lamb's wool, mohair, cashmere, and exotic bamboo fiber. In addition, every bed is filled with 3,420 springs to ensure the maximum level of comfort and features a divan base that contains an additional 1,598 springs in calico pockets and a wooden frame made from pine cut from a renewable forest.

"We believe that the health and well-being benefits of buying the right bed can literally be life changing. More and more customers are realizing that only the best will do when it comes to their sleep. The Monarch embodies our uncompromising approach to bed making," said Mike Meehan, managing director of Vi-Spring.

Each bed is custom made, allowing the owner to choose the Belgian mattress tickings, divan upholstery, level of "support" (not firmness), amount of storage, and design options including leg choices and bed shape and size. Vi-Spring promises that each bed is handmade to order simply because it is their ultimate belief that "sleep is such a deeply personal part of life, it's really the only way to ensure that every bed is not only supremely comfortable, but also fits its owner like a glove."

It is estimated that the average person will spend 25 years in bed during the course of his or her lifetime. While this figure may be inaccurate for attorneys — maybe 20 years would be a better approximation considering the line of work and responsibilities associated with the job — it still represents a significant portion of each person's life. (Assuming a 100-year lifespan, it accounts for nearly one fourth!) Thus, in Vi-Spring's estimation, if someone is going to spend such a significant amount of time in one place, it should positively impact that person's life and epitomize comfort and luxury.

And with any luck the Monarch bed will be so life changing that it will enable even the most cerebral attorney to forget about claims of bad faith or negligence for eight — okay, six — hours every night.