January 14 2008 Legal Blog Roundup

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Why the change? Well, there's this new thing called "the creative class" (comprised of professionals like fashion and interior designers, technology gurus, and owners of home-centered businesses) that not only has put a dent in the number of applicants vying for spots in law or medical school but also includes numerous individuals who now outearn doctors and corporate lawyers. Personally, I'd blame David Kelley, who's exposed one too many quirks about lawyers in those too-creative-for-their-own-good bygone series The Practice and Ally McBeal. I knew those miniskirts would get us in trouble...

The story on America's "National Shame" — some still call it professional baseball — continues to grow. (Insert your own growth-hormone joke here.) Roger Clemens recently gave an interview to Mike Wallace where he confessed to "eating" Vioxx "like it was Skittles." Um, okay...

He went on, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, in a bizarre fashion reminiscent of Whitney Houston's "I make too much money to do crack" defense, to explain:

"I don't know if I can defend myself. I think people — a lot of people have already made their decisions. And that's our country, isn't it? Guilty before innocence — that's the way our country works now. And then everybody's talking about sue, sue, sue. Should I sue? Well, yeah, let me exhaust — let me, let me just spend," he said, gesturing as if he were peeling off bills. "Let me keep spending. But I'm going to explore what I can do, and then I want to see if it's going to be worth it, worth all the headache."

If baseball goes, what will we be forced to care about next? Politics? Human rights?! The future of Pakistan?!? Impeachment?? I don't know if our ill-apportioned priorities could survive that...there is another season of Dancing with the Stars still to come, right?

For those of you who went to law school, graduated, and then never left (by this I mean law professors), you might get a kick out of reading Legal Profession Blog's January 4 entry by Alan Childress. As it happens, the ABA Journal recently ran a headline which read, "Why Law Profs Are Miserable." This is the conclusion of a new book by Associate Dean of Faculty Paul Caron of the University of Cincinnati Law School, who says that "law professors are unhappy because the job is competitive, uncooperative, and lacking objective standards to measure success."

Wot say, profs?

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