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Todd M. Jones: 3L, Film Editor, and Devoted Husband

published October 29, 2007

Mahsa Khalilifar
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"I put law school off," he says. "I went into film production, made short films...did the festival circuit."

At 22, Jones graduated from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania with a political science degree. When law school started, he continued to make features but mainly focused on home and school.

"I married a Long Islander," he says. "We got a home before [I] got into law school."

Jones's father was a patent attorney, but Jones says his dad was a "scientist first, a lawyer second; every once in a while, he would encourage [him to go into law]."

Jones was ready to take on law, though. He currently lives in Central Islip, NY, and attends school at the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.

He credits his wife for being supportive of his interest in film and law. They met in August of 2003 on their first day as undergraduates. They've been married for 10 years and don't have any kids yet, but they're planning to eventually start a family.

"Being married makes it easier [to go through school]; she's almost endlessly supportive," Jones says. He adds that he is able to attend social events at school with his wife and that it ultimately works out in terms of their schedules. Even though they don't see each other as much, he says, they are able to plan to spend time together.

Jones says his favorite courses thus far have been Constitutional Law, Federal Courts Law, and Criminal Procedure. He also enjoys Trial Practice.

"I like seeing how law applies to society as a whole. I enjoy the misconceptions of law rather than the comprehension of it," he explains. "[I like] matching what I learn versus misconceptions."

For the past two summers, Jones has interned with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

"I liked that you spend half of the day in the office, half of the day in the court. I couldn't do office work all day every day," he says of his experience. "I like being in court; I enjoy that part of it. I want to better myself working in courts."

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. I only have time for two hobbies: I enjoy film editing, and I'm a Washington Redskins season ticket holder for the first time with my brother, who is going to law school in Washington — anything that offers a little bit of a distraction.
Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?
A. I'm not a big music guy; I probably have a movie score of some sort.
Q. What is the last magazine you read?
A. ESPN The Magazine.
Q. What is your favorite TV show?
A. The Office — the American version.
Q. Who is your role model?
A. Both of my parents are but my father in particular. He was always honest and candid, so I appreciated that.
Q. What is something most people don't know about you?
A. That I'm involved in a creative medium such as working on films.

Although he is the president of the Student Bar Association at his school, Jones has been focusing more on his personal life and his studies than on student organizations, but he is hoping to change that.

"During my first year I took it easy, felt out a couple of societies. You get to meet a lot of people, and you get to know a lot of people in your community," he says. "I do have a few ideas, [and I want to get more involved]. I will give it a go, it being one of those things I slowly talked myself into."

Jones says he made the right decision when he picked Touro.

"It's a newer school, and it has a collective sense [rather than being] competitive," he says. "There is a sense of community. It's not malicious and competitive [like] some other schools are competitive. I also like the idea of [it being] a smaller law school. My favorite part is that sense of community."

Now 28, Jones hopes to graduate from law school in May of 2008.

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