October 22 2007 Legal Blog Roundup

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Law.com also has an eye-catching entry from the same day called "Careers Number Crunching: Money v. Happiness," which discusses the long-standing idea that professionals who are overworked but well compensated are generally less happy than those who balance work with a personal life. A study conducted by the NALP was analyzed by a professor at the Indiana University School of Law who discovered that the conventional wisdom is, in fact, correct. So, in the interest of your own happiness, make sure you schedule that special "me time."

The Wall Street Journal's legal blog has an interesting October 12 post about America's resident right-wing fundamentalist and anti-science crusader, Pat Robertson, whose hold on his own community just might not be as immaculate as he had hoped. A student at Regent University, the fourth-tier law school founded by Robertson and the 700 Club, is under threat of discipline by the university for posting a picture of Robertson scratching his head with his middle finger on his Facebook page. Yup, this is news. I guess since Congress voted on that MoveOn.org ad attacking Saint Petraeus, individual dissent has become increasingly unpopular among the "higher" institutions.

Heads up, legal bloggers in the Bay Area: Eric Goldman's Technology and Marketing Law Blog excitedly proclaims that the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara Law School and Six Apart have announced Bay Area Blawgers 2.0, the second gathering of legal bloggers in the Bay Area. The event will be held on November 5 (a Monday, I believe) from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The event is open to everyone, non-bloggers included. Admission is free, but parking is not (hey, it's California!), and participation qualifies for one hour of general CLE credit.

Energy Legal Blog, "[p]owered by the attorneys of Bracewell & Giuliani [and] your resource for updates and analysis on national and regional energy issues," has a bizarre and complex October 9 post called "Duquesne Complaint Dismissed in Time for October 1 PJM Capacity Auction." Long story short, the FERC dismissed Duquesne's complaint that sought to exclude them from participation in PJM Interconnection's Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) auction on October 1. The FERC accused Duquesne of filing an insufficient complaint which did not deal with "'the practical, operational, or other non-financial impacts…including, where applicable, the environmental, safety, or reliability impacts of' PJM's exclusion of the Duquesne Zone load from the October 1 auction." Now, who would have thought that an energy company would try to behave unethically? I know. Gasp.

And oh yeah, in case you haven't heard yet, a former law school dropout won the Nobel Peace Prize. His name? Al Gore, the guy who used to be the next president of the United States. So those of you fretting about whether or not the law is your true calling should put your fears to rest. One day, a committee of old Swedish and Norwegian men just might prove to you that your life is worth something too.


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