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Montgomery starts new consulting firm

Former Ohio State Auditor and Attorney General, Betty D. Montgomery started her consulting practice, Montgomery Consulting Group, and joined suburban-based New Albany law firm of Mac Murray, Cook, Peterson & Shuster.

After her 25-year long political career, Montgomery will now offer companies advise on their regulatory responsibilities and help them in observance of law. Montgomery will represent and advise clients in the areas of consumer protection, privacy, and nonprofit issues in the law firm, formed by four former attorneys general staffers who worked primarily in the consumer-protection section. Earlier Montgomery, a Republican, served as the Wood County prosecutor, a state senator, as attorney general for two terms and one term as auditor.

Personal Injury law firm Goldberg & Rosen revamps web services
Noted personal injury law firm Goldberg & Rosen, P.A., has restructured its website into a new brochure-style format. For this purpose, the law firm hired full service advertising agency, THAT Agency, who employed HTML cascading style sheets (CSS) and a flash panel for secondary navigation for reconstruction of the law firm's old website. CSS creates a neat web design through flawless graphic and text integration.

The new site contains information about the law firm and its legal activities from verdicts and settlements to recent cases, besides offering visitors navigational ease within the content-driven design-oriented layout. A law firm of three decades, Goldberg & Rosen safeguards rights of injured and oppressed persons of Florida representing clients in cruise ship injury, medical malpractice, auto accidents, and personal injury cases.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, THAT Agency undertakes web solutions including web design, web development, and graphic design projects for their clients. Apart from these, THAT also caters to other advertising mediums such as print media services, print design, and video integration.


Kiss and tell tale!
Kissing in public has always landed many into trouble. But for this Cambodian-born French femme, kissing has been more a walk on the wild side. Call it artiste's temperament, or blame it on...! Now this woman, an artist herself, couldn't resist brushing her lips against the immaculate bone-white canvas, a painting by the American artist Cy Twombly, famous for his abstract paintings. Leaving a tell-tale smudge on the spotless canvas, Sam Rindy, 30, divulged that the urge was too strong to resist. "I stepped back. I found the painting even more beautiful," she said, adding "The artist left this white for me." The Lambert foundation, owners of the work of art, however, didn't find the urge too funny and asked the police to take over. Rindy will now appear in court on August 16 on charges of criminal damage.

Goldberg & Rosen, PA.


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