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New law firm created with a different outlook

Los Angeles-based business transactional attorney Jerry Mowery opened a unique law firm with the moniker DriveThruLegal.com. The firm wishes to relieve its clients from the burden of having to foot expensive bills with affordable and fixed rates (without a retainer), often furnished by expensive law firms to the clients.

Mowery discovered that by deleting the "shark" element, often attributed to greedy attorneys from his law firm, his entrepreneur clients will benefit from both legal counseling and document services at affordable and fixed prices. Mowery, defining the "shark" element in attorneys as their egos, says that this is what raises the overhead costs and in turn, the fees. If that can be reduced, the fee also comes down. The firm, which fans the "clients' entrepreneurial spirit," was launched in July 2007 with expansion plans slated for next year.

Bader Yakaitis uses blog as innovative educational tool
Personal injury attorneys of the New York City-based Bader, Yakaitis, and Nonnenmacher use blogs as an effective medium to pass on information on personal injury to their clients. The firm assists clients and others by providing them the opportunity to discuss their problems with experts to get solutions for their problems and also information on personal injury law, or any other related issue. Bader, Yakaitis's team of qualified attorneys handles wrongful death and other serious personal injury claims and defends victims' rights with proper compensation for injuries caused by individual or external agents. The firm uses the new blog site to reach to a larger mass of people and obtain feedback, to utilize the comments for better service.


Inmates indicted for blackmailing their way out of prison

Four creative prisoners were indicted of blackmailing their way out of El Reno federal prison in Oklahoma City. Having copyrighted their names, Russell Dean Landers, Clayton Heath Albers, Carl Ervin Batts, and Barry Dean Bischof, accused prison officials demanded millions of dollars for using the names without authorization. They filed liens against the prison warden's property, hired someone to seize his vehicles, changed the locks on his house, and froze his bank accounts. The inmates demanded their release from prison in return for handing back the warden's property. According to prosecutors, the individual hired by them turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. The four, along with William Michael Roberson who assisted them in the misdoings, were charged for conspiring to impede the duties of federal prison officials.

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