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Steven Seagal sues Loeb & Loeb for charging too much

Actor Steven Seagal is suing Loeb & Loeb, a law firm that previously represented him. Seagal, 56, filing a lawsuit against the firm in Los Angeles Superior Court, accused it of charging him excessive fees. Incidentally, the actor had hired the law firm's services in 2002, for an extortion trial and subsequently in a criminal trial of his former business associate, Julius Nasso. The law firm charged Seagal of approximately $1.1 million, of which the actor had already paid about $500,000. However, after a legal audit, the actor began suspecting that the law firm was "substantially" overcharging him. Seagal stopped further payment and slapped the lawsuit, claiming $450,000 in general damages. The law firm, on the other hand maintains that Seagal still owes it $575,400.

DD&V's Walter and Linda join forces with Ward and Smith
Triangle's first tech law firm Daniels, Daniels & Verdonik (DD&V) merged operations with New Bern-based Ward and Smith, P.A. DD&V concentrated on the high-tech industry since its inception in 1982. The Daniels, both Linda and Walter, besides partner Verdoni and Jose Cortina are well known lawyers in the region's high tech practice. In the new set up, the four lawyers will now practice in intellectual property, securities, mergers and acquisitions, and business law. Ward and Smith has more than 70 attorneys working in its offices in Raleigh, Greenville and Wilmington, besides New Bern. Initially serving clients from the Raleigh office, Daniels expects a new shop later in West Raleigh to establish tech practice. Some names from DD&V's list of clientele include Channel Vision, Affinergy, Etrials Worldwide Inc., EMC Corp., and StrikeIron Inc.


Underwater paparazzi; its dolphins not journalists
Dolphins are keeping an eye on the rich and the famous having deep-sea sex. According to Bruce Jones, president of U.S. Submarines, a producer of designer luxury submarines, the dolphins get excited when they sense people making love. Then they start to bang their heads - I mean noses, on the submarines' panoramic view ports trying to get a better view of what's going on. The best solution he says is to pull curtains on the window if you want to save yourself from the prying eyes of dolphin paparazzi.

Loeb & Loeb LLP

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