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Bryan Cave boosts new recruits' salaries, to set up new shop in Italy

Not only are Bryan Cave's new recruits in St. Louis office a happy lot, but so are their newcomer peers in the other law firms in the area. The trend that Bryan Cave set last September after recruiting 18 freshers, continues to benefit all, says Peter Van Cleve, managing partner of the St. Louis office. Nearly four other area law firms are matching the increase - to $110,000 a year.

One of the top drawer firms in Missouri, Bryan Cave's move stems from its wanting to compete for the best talent in the national market. The law firm houses 250 attorneys in St. Louis office out of more than 820 lawyers worldwide. Bryan Cave companywide increases in salary began in early March when its New York office matched salaries of other firms to $160,000 a year.

Meanwhile, Bryan Cave is also expanding its geographical outreach. Its new office in Milan, Italy will begin operations by August. The firm's Milan office will be headed by Paolo Barozzi and Fulvio Pastore-Alinante. The duo serves Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, as partners in Milan at present. Besides them, other three from Wilkie Farr - Luigi Zumbo, Claudio Morpurgo, and Andrea Batazzi, - and Stefano Serbini, former partner with Ashurst, will join Bryan Cave in Milan.

Warner Norcross law firm fortifies practice areas
Established in 1931, West Michigan-based Warner Norcross & Judd, LLC, has seen tremendous growth in all its practice areas. The rise has been remarkable in its attorney strength, too. In the past one and half year's time, the firm has added 27 new and veteran lawyers, and expects to add 10 more within this fall, reports radar.planetizen.com. The firm now has 190 attorneys in its nearly 400-strong staff working in its four offices - Muskegon, Holland, and Southfield, besides Grand Rapids. The sixth largest law firm in Michigan, Warner Norcross attorneys advise regional, national, and international clients in all areas of business and civil law including publicly traded, multinational corporations, start-up ventures, and closely held companies, among others.


Eat it, because I've cooked it!
Man flips iron fry pan on partner's face, gets jailed

If you are being served cooked food, say Amen and eat it up quickly. Don't complain or take a chance even if you have a genuine reason. The perils associated with saying no aren't too soft, reports The Advertiser. Especially if your cook, partner, or even the hotel chef shares Quentin Charles Coff's temper. Coff, 38, had downed quite a few pegs with his new housemate both in the flat and continued to binge, even in the hotel. Something offended Coff in the hotel and he marched back home and set about preparing dinner for two, cooked a steak for his housemate. Now, quite possibly tipsy, his housemate reached home and wanting to set up his room first, declined Coff's offer of the steak-dinner, saying he will eat later. Now chef Coff's culinary spirit got offended at the refusal and so, to let off steam, picked up the cast-iron fry pan again, but instead battered up his housemate. He grievously injured the poor mate who ended up with a broken cheek. The District Court, who found Coff guilty for the "abhorrent'" and "tantrum-like violence," sentenced him to 18 months in jail with a non-parole period of nine months. Perils lie both ways, temperamental chefs, be warned!

Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

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