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Chicago's divorce billboard's `Life' snuffed

"Life's short. Get a divorce" - a billboard on divorce - had its life cut even shorter by protesting people who found the risqué humor too strong to digest. The Chicago law firm's attorneys Corri Fetman and Kelly Garland who put up the billboard are expectedly protesting and "upset."

The billboard, placed on the top of a parking garage, features the headless torso of a man and a woman in lingerie. People found the phrases in the billboard too light for such a serious decision in life and that it "trivializes divorce."

Attorney Fetman, who feels "violated," claims that her billboard was an attempt to make law advertisement slightly less stereotype. She wanted her ad to reach those people already on the threshold of ending their marriage. "Be honest with yourself and with your spouse," she claims adding, "a billboard isn't going to make a person get divorced."

However, city workers pulled the ad down after a week of complaints and protests from neighbors and from other attorneys. Several attorneys were of the opinion that the ad belittled their profession. On the other hand, the lawyers behind the ad claim that the ad fetched good sales as calls spiraled upwards "dramatically" since it was put up last week.

Alliance to benefit law professionals and legal services
Law professionals and legal organizations, that are part of CaseRev's community, will be able to manage their electronic billing and other functional matters more efficiently. The move is being facilitated by an alliance between CaseRev, Inc., an online community of virtual teams and TrialNet, a company dealing with collaborative networks.

CaseRev, which recently registered more than 400 law firms on its web-based platform, brings together law firms and legal organizations and claims and legal vendors. TrialNet is into web-based management tools that aids the litigation cycle. Clients of CaseRev are also provided case materials such as cost and status reports, and other key documents in a shared environment.

Now with the alliance in place, customers will be able to access both applications easily. This integration will streamline processes such as creating and managing panels of claims, enforcing litigation guidelines, and processing legal invoices for organizations involved in litigation. It will also help reduce costs of litigation.

CaseRev Inc. is based in San Diego, CA, with sales and support facilities in Chicago and Dallas. TrialNet is based in Richmond, VA, and provides services in electronic billing, matter management, and collaborative web-based networks.


Wal-Mart says crime signs are OK, but not outside the store!
Shoplifters made to hold signs for crime

"I am a thief, I stole from Wal-Mart." No. This isn't Wal-Mart's latest sales pitch. This is what Attalla City Judge Kenneth Robertson thinks befits two shoplifters as punishment for their crime. It will, at the same time, help keep others with the same sentiments, at bay. These two shoplifters, caught in the act at the sales Supercentre and convicted, were ordered by a judge to stand outside holding these signs. The punishment was slated for two Saturday afternoons. However, Wal- Mart wasn't too keen on that aspect. The discount retail giant's attorney was more concerned about mob frenzy at the sign-bearing duo. Hence, Robertson now changed the venue and the duo will hold their signs in front of the downtown courthouse only. The Judge said that initially he persuaded the store to agree to the form of punishment. However, when the duo actually carried out their terms in the defined area, the store officials chickened out. Robertson now feels that the store took "away the tremendous impact of what we're trying to do." Yet for Wal-Mart, who thinks the idea is wise, however feels that the choice of venue is otherwise!

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