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Paul Hastings partners with Project Hope to build elementary school in China Leading international law firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP and Project Hope are joining forces to build an elementary school in Jing'an county of China.

The school, located in Longqiu village, will provide modern learning facilities to nearly 300 students from the county. Paul Hastings will provide financial help for constructing the school and employees from the firm's Shanghai office will donate furniture and office supplies to the school. They will also volunteer for light construction work. Once the school is completed, the law firm will also fund studies of children enrolled in the school.

Project Hope is a non-government organization committed to removing educational disparity in the poorer regions of China. Sponsored by the Communist Youth League Central Committee and China Youth Development Foundation, Project Hope helps children in poverty-stricken areas return to school. The Project's long term target focuses on providing basic education to all Chinese children.

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP, was founded in 1951 and has a staff of more than 1,100 attorneys in 18 offices, including those in China. The firm provides services in capital markets, litigation and dispute resolution and intellectual property among others. Clients of the firm include financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

Kilpatrick installs communication device to upgrade legal proceeds and client services
International law firm Kilpatrick Stockton has installed 11 LifeSize Room systems in its seven U.S. offices and one in its London office.

LifeSize Room System is a video communication device which facilitates the law firm to organize point-to-point meetings more effectively. The system links various sites for briefings, depositions, meetings with clients, and job interviews.

The system saves the firm valuable time enabling it to maximize the partners' time-to-billing ratios. In effect, it controls the overall cost for both the clients as well as the firm. Recently, by using the LifeSize Room System, the firm managed to complete a series of 80 annual partner-to-partner review meetings in only nine days. Normally, it takes the firm 45 days to accomplish a task of this magnitude.

Craig Malloy, CEO of LifeSize, commented that the rise of this device in legal practice is because of the significant relation between the hourly attorney fees and client expenses.


Your pet can accompany you in your casket!
May his (and his pet's) soul rest in peace!!

Did you know it was illegal to bury a person with his dead pet? The Judge is not very well versed with the funeral laws. The Florida State Legislature has passed a bill that will allow people to be buried with their pets in the State's cemeteries. The bill, the first of its kind, has been sent to Governor Charlie Crist for approval. Once the bill gets the approval, people can bury animal remains in an urn with human remains or ashes as long as the ashes are not mixed together. The credit goes to State Senator Jim King. King would like to be buried with his Labrador's ashes and was recently surprised to learn it was not legal. Upon his new discovery, he then vowed to change the law which the House approved with 118-0 votes on Monday and Senate adopted with a 38-1 vote on Tuesday. Looks like we're heading back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians! The Judge however wonders: what if someone wants to be buried with their favorite celebrity? Can anyone foresee any future laws??

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