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Kennedy Covington among Top U.S. Private Equity and Venture Capital Law Firms

The April issue of Private Equity Analyst cites Kennedy Covington, one of the largest law firms in the Carolinas, as one of the top private equity and venture capital law firms in the country. For three years in a row, this 50-year-old firm has outdone all Southeast-based law firms in completing the total number of private equity and venture capital transactions. In 2006, Kennedy Covington closed 69 private equity transactions and eight venture capital deals, together worth $1.75 billion. This involved clients from across the country such as: Affiliates of Bank of America Corporation, Affiliates of Wachovia Corporation, Carousel Capital Partners, CapitalSouth Partners Funds, and Plexus Fund I, L.P.

Kennedy Covington closed its first private equity deal fifteen years ago. At the time, it was one of the first among the Southeast-based firms to have a keen eye on this area. The firm looks ahead to 2007 as a year that will witness a strong transaction flow as well as continuing opportunities to partner with clients and colleagues to execute challenging transactions. Kennedy Covington has more than 200 attorneys with diverse experience and knowledge.

Man posing as private investigator sentenced for defrauding law firms
U.S. District Judge John Keenan sentenced Michael Lair, 46, to a 27-month jail term for trying to sell sensitive case related information, which he actually never possessed.

Posing as the head of a web research firm Consumerdefense.com Inc. and a private investigator, Michael falsely claimed that he had access to critical information pertinent to sensitive cases. In the process, he defrauded more than a dozen law firms and their representatives of more than $300,000. At an earlier guilty plea hearing, Michael had confessed of defrauding firms of at least $200,000. Michael pleaded guilty to four counts of wire fraud.

Michael did not have a license to practice as a private investigator as required in the state of Montana. Moreover, in December 2002, his research business was involuntarily dissolved for being a company not in good standing.

Michael will have to pay more than $307,000 in compensation to his victims. The judge also ordered close monitoring of Michael's computer after his release.


Police take two in custody: a man and his leg!
Gregory Daniels and his accomplice drove to the Pomona market at about 3:00 a.m. in their truck, broke the market's window, wrapped a chain around the ATM, and ripped the machine from the floor using the truck. They then put the ATM in the truck and fled from the scene. A brilliant setting and fail-proof planning helped them succeed in their plan to steal the 1,500-pound ATM from the Pomona market. Mission accomplished…..Well, almost! Little did Gregory know that he would be without the stolen ATM and one of his legs very soon. Tch tch… he had a prosthetic leg that fell off. When the officers caught the truck on a dead-end street in a residential neighborhood, they found Daniel's partner missing and Daniel himself with a missing leg. Both Daniel and his prosthetic leg were taken into custody.

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