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Move to get insurance jobs for minority and women-owned law firms

The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) has launched an initiative to make the U.S. insurance industry aware about the talent in minority- and women-owned law firms.

In the words of NAMWOLF's Associate Director Yolanda Coly, outside counsel services cost billions of dollars to the insurance industry every year.

The major focus of the Association's initiative is to see that women- and minority-owned law firms get proper representation in the insurance industry's panel counsel lists. The Association is confident that once women- and minority-owned law firms get an access to these assignments, it will give a boost to the amount of legal work awarded to them.

The NAMWOLF initiative will not only give a realistic opportunity to the women- and minority-owned firms to compete for insurance jobs, it will also be beneficial to the insurance industry in getting cost-effective services.

Chadbourne & Parke opens office in Dubai
Global law firm Chadbourne & Parke, LLP, is opening its office in Dubai on May 1. With this, the firm is returning to the UAE after a gap of 14 years.

Former Chadbourne partner Jack Greenwald will head the firm's Dubai office. Greenwald has practiced law in Dubai for more than two decades.

Chadbourne's decision to open a Dubai office is a part of the firm's emerging marketing strategy. Over the years, the firm has witnessed growth in its client relationships in the Middle East. The firm decided in favor of Dubai in view of the strategic importance of the UAE border, the firm's continuing work over there, and the emirate's growth as a world financial center.

The operations from Dubai office will help Chadbourne & Parke in serving its clients in Gulf States, Turkey, North Africa, and Sub-Sahara Africa more cost-effectively.

In addition to Greenwald, the firm's Dubai office will initially have eight other lawyers.


Save your butts (ahem!!) in toto...
Help! I 'm on F-I-R-E!! Watch out! This could be you too, or nearly so...if you've installed (or deciding to install) a Toto toilet in your loo.

The news: Toto Ltd., Japan's leading toilet makers, created Z series bidet toilets with electric bidet accessories. The problem: The bidet sent up smoke in 26 toilets in a year's time! The BEST news: Nobody burnt their buttocks so far!

The company, in the meantime, is trying to do the damage control. It is now offering free repairs for the 180,000 toilets with the faulty wiring problems which caused the fire.

A premier name in the field of high-tech toilets, Toto has popular gadgets fitted with pressurized water sprayers, et al. Its latest Z series is resplendent with features such as pulsating massage spray, power dryer, built-in-the-bowl deodorizing filter, "Tornado Wash" flush, an automatic lid; and seats with MP3 players...the list is not complete till we add F-I-R-E! All for $1,680- $2,600 only!

Sorry guys: Toto hasn't ventured abroad. And if Emi Tanaka, spokesperson of the Toto, has her say: It (call it fire or problems!) would have been "just under your buttocks."

To relieve or not to; will be the case in point here. A manufacturing defect indeed!

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